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Rat off

Hybrids and super hybrids get ready for worst match off you ever seen

on the left corner a hybrid that will bring pain and agony. please welcome Dracoceratops!
(only picture I could find)
on the right the name that screams horror into the souls of its victums
please welcome proceratomimus!

so will the ravaging rampager be rampaging and running
or will the distracting dodo bird be doomed

  • proceratomimus
  • dracoceratops

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this was annoying to make but I’m willing to do more

tie. they both go down and don’t get back up.

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Rats on! (Clap clap) rats off!


In it’s current state the Rat will more than likely die off first

I’m not sure how Draco would even win. In a one on one, Procera can just ID any incoming attack then destroy with DR. Finish it off with Null Strike if needed.

@Piere87 i remember metahub’s dinodex page has big dino images. where those images came from? can we have bigger images for gamepress dinodex? i can find only small icons…

ps: procerathomimus doesn’t have any image there.

Are we talking about the old DC?

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind