Rat Race

I am totally fed up of being ratted.

I have 55000 dna with my DC at lvl 22 and ready to level up.

Should I join the rat race, if so how far can I go.


Depends on your team make up, imo more chances of making full use of DC sir if you have swappers in your team, instead of just doing a hard swap.

Hard swap= You have no choice due to swapping dinos not selected, or dino sequence don’t favor you.

Erlidom to DC is a wicked combo.
So is any bleeder with swoop.

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If you’re not using your best dinos you will not win as often.
Go as high as you can afford.

The rat will surely get a proper nerf , and hopefully in the next update . So bear this in mind .
As has been said , if you want to win more you may have to resort to joining in with the rat race . But it’s not compulsory and many teams have a couple of good tanks with passive moves that will combat the rat with Erlidom and Thor .
I won’t use the rat but I know I would be on a higher trophy count if I did .

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Yea or you can level up DC, but try and set up another dino as replacement in case DC gets nerfed to the ground in next patch. For me my indo stands ready to replace DC if it happens, and hopefully indo gets a buff in next patch as well. That would be the perfect replacement. :wink: Both are level 26.

I don’t think you need a rat on your team. I do have a rat but haven’t used it since the week I finally created it. (No, they are not easy to create, not for everyone; it took me several months to accumulate the DNA for one.) There are enough counters to it now, and many of the players who rely on it (at least the ones who use it most annoyingly, the ones who earn the hate of so many other players) just can’t help themselves, and make it clear pretty early in a battle that they have one, and their only strategy is going to be soften-swap rat in-kick in the kneecaps-regenerate-run away. The worst ones are pretty predictable and easy to anticipate.

I am surprised that so much focus is still on the rat, and not on the overboosted Utasinoraptors running around. I really hate them. HATE. THEM. For a stretch last week, I faced one in Every. Single. Battle. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And even my boosted Gorgosuchus (speed 134 I think) was too slow to get a hit in. Basically, if I got to have my Tryostronix or my Tyranno selected as part of the 4 of my 8 (thanks RNG!) I could kill the screechy little pest; if not, I was lucky to touch him.

Without boosts, Utasino is a pest. With boosts, it has the potential to be far more problematic and annoying than the rat. I’m grateful that after that stretch I haven’t seen much of him, but I know he could reappear any time. If it gets bad enough that it feels like I have to plan my entire team strategy around that ridiculous thing, it’ll drive me right back out of the Arena, probably for good.


I don’t even PvP at all any more on my primary account. There is NOTHING fun about the higher arenas. It’s not worth the effort to get there or play there.

On my 2nd account, I’m not battling with anything higher than level 16 as that level and lower is still fun and I don’t need boosts that do nothing but corrupt the whole game. I’m going to have 90 different creatures to play here very soon unlike the upper arenas where everyone is stuck with pretty much the same creatures and same teams… Boooooooring.

If it wasn’t for the boost mess, I could have a good 20 to 30 creatures in the low to mid 20’s to play in that range but as it is now… completely pointless if you can’t boost your team to tier 6 and 7 now. So no desire or point in playing my primary account any more.I’m just using it to feed my 2nd account the DNA to finish making all the Legendary’s for even more choice to make teams with.

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