Rat Swap in Savagery Broken?

Was just in the tourney and someone swapped in Draco for the swap atk, then they immediately swapped it back out to Rhino, without a cleansing move. Draco was not locked.

They had used a cleanse move earlier in the match. Is that cleanse persistent now?

Is this a known bug?

It’s happened to me a few times too and I’m wondering if it’s a bug or a known issue.

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Did you stun the draco at the same time the opponent swapped in?

I only fought one today and skoona ate it. My skoona critted on 90% of attacks in that battle. Won 3-0. Let’s go Skoona!



and characters

Aren’t all the bugs also known issues for Ludia at this point? :man_shrugging: