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Let the rat fight back! Before that I had to take down a level 28 (six above my team)… In these cases I don’t feel bad at all :joy:


Here’s my alignment.
As such, when I get Dracoceratops, I will naturally fuel both fires. A wise man once said, “Some men just wanna watch the world burn.” I, however, seek to add fuel. :fire:

Edit: That last sentence doesn’t really make any sense… It sounded better in my head, ok?!


I said to myself “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I hate that I’m using it now, however, the combined rampage and run and swap-in DSR is gold :smile:


I am fairly certain dracocera will be nerfed in an upcoming update. I mean, look what they did to poor little monomimus. No use for it on my team, and it’s not worth the coin to level up. Rather get indoraptor and the rest up. Btw, just got Indoraptor level 26 and it is insane.




Wrong thread! This is supposed to highlight the Dracocera take-downs :joy:


…only the 1st pic fits right in, the rest are cherries on top…


Lol :joy::joy::joy:


Thunder bird looks super stoked to be doing whatever it is he is doing in pic #2 :hatched_chick: :joy::joy:

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It’s a full-grown chicken so is able to some adult things to that DC…


Looking at those Claws… I can definitely see some… Dominus action happening :smirk:


Lol what a fiiiine L27 Erli you have there T :smile::wink:


I find funny to see “overleveled” dracoceratops (over lvl20)
From experience,the day his unique is gonna come (and by the same time nerf dracoceratops obviously),people will cry


:100: this @shining.

I’m waiting… and while I’m waitin’ I’m hatin’ on it :smile:

No more over-levelling legends… I know taking Spinotasuchus all the way is going to make me cry one day as it is!


I plan to take it to level 22 and couldn’t care less if they nerf it. Happy to find another more fun dino to replace it. No nerf will be worse than what they did to my freaking Mimus a few weeks after I started using it…

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Perfect use of Draco. Nuke that cloak chicken b4 it sweeps a team!

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It’s a pleasure doing it to a high level Indoraptor.

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My fav drac targets, higher level dilorach, spinotasuchus, Erlidom, utasino, utarinex, Indo, proceratomino, monomim, maxed vraps. Pretty much all the Dino’s that abuse hyper speed and burst damage and you can register the rage from the pause after it happens like the opponent knows they would sweep anything if they didn’t encounter drac, funny how raptors got nerfed a while back cause they where too l33t and they introduced a whole new bunch that essentially work the same but worse because they have inbuilt survivability these are the real issues not drac. Honourable drac just keeps it under control!


Lol, my fav are basically every dino that dodges, plus Spinotas, Utas, Thor and Tryko.

Yeah, that’s exactly why I keep saying there are worse things than Dracos… Man, if the opponent uses Dilorach in a revenge kill you have to deal with two freaking rampages, one of which will probably stun you… Magna is an immune with 28 speed and monstruous attack too… and let’s not even start about Erlidom… I know these are uniques way harder to make, but once you get to that high level area, even they become very common. I wish I had a better way of stopping those beasts than Draco’s cheap shot, but for now that’s all I’ve got.

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