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Rate my creatures

How good are they? What balences do they need

Looks good to me

Allotahino needs a move with a Cooldown of 0. Otherwise, everything is good.

It’s not really necessary

It actually is. 1st, every creature in the game has a base move. Second, no one will use it if there are times when it can’t do damage

It will always be able to do damage thanks to multiple low cooldown moves like fierce impact cool 1 and gashing cool 1

But still, it needs it. An maybe removing rend resistance?

It really doesn’t need it at all it’s just an extra move it will likely never use and rend resistance is fine

Every creature in the game follows the basic move rule, so by precedent it should have at least one ability with no cooldown. Sometimes the basic move isn’t really needed but the creature has it anyway just for consistency.


Every thing is good but Allo needs a basic move, sneaky strike should work according to the name of move and 1st creature needs a name…

I must have misclicked distracting rampage should have been distracting strike

I made a random oneimage image

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I like this image image