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Rate my Lineup

here’s my lineup:

first of all, i know that is is a little unbalanced, presto is one league ahead of alanga and spino.
and i also know that i need more pterosaurs and herbivores, and that’s why i’m trying to get a labyrinthosaurus and a maxed out rhamphorhynchus

buuut i’ll soon have a brachio, so the labyrintho may be slightly unnecessary, but it can still help when my best are on cooldown

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For your level, not bad. I would say that your first move should be level 30 Legendaries. Those are the closest to level 10 VIPs.

I’m laying this out for you :
Level 10 VIP = Level 30 Legendary = Level 20 Tournament Creature
Level 20 VIP = Level 40 Legendary = Level 30 Tournament Creature

They’re not exactly equal but very similar. Since you’re not VIP, these would be helpful. But for now don’t focus much on Lineup since you’re still at level 23, I would say focus on aspects like coin and food production since you’ll be ready to unlock Legendaries from level 50 or 48 (not very sure).

Also, try to save up resources like DBs and LPs as of now.

I don’t have much experience with deepening this Lineup bench (I had a similar one to yours as said before), because I moved from this Lineup one week and to three level 15 VIPs the next… I move in jumps so I might not be very helpful but this is what I feel.

Alanqa spino and presto should stay. Go first for rares you need variety. You also need rares super rares and normal ones for the quests.also you need them later for hybrids. as you see by me i still have them

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Prestosuchus looks cool. Your line up is deeeeeeeeep, I don’t have half as many rares maxed


I started March 2020 so I’d this decent?

@mineluissss can I see your creature market? What do you have in there you can hatch?

do you have any legendary or super rare unlock?

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Welcome to the forums! Could you explain a bit more I do not understand?

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so he can get some good creature at higher level too balance presto , alangasaurus and spino ferocity
also thank you for your welcome i am really happy to have join the forum!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ah I get it now I thought you was speaking to me, good idea!

ok no problem😊

Didn’t have anywhere better to put this, sorry lol. I don’t look it, but I really need help.

put indominus rex to 30 , indominus rex gen 2 to 30, level 30 vip,level 40 tournament and sell monostegatops and metriaphodon to buy the dino or you can wait to get more dna to buy dino

Really? I’ve been thinking just raise everything up, but haven’t been sure, something feels missing.

you can also do it but you will have to use a lot more dna and time but i am not a pro so can not really tell what is best this is just my opinion i would really like other people opinion on it

Monosteg, Metriac, Diplo, and Apato are all pretty essential, especially for Tourney runs

yeah there are pretty good

I wouldnt combine. After that you would have 12 dinos for dominator. It is a bit short for that.

yeah you are right but the ferocity is too high for the rest of the event so it is his choice to focus on tournament or daily event

Actually I can run 18, even more if I’m lucky/ willing to cheese