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Rate my Lineup

Try look for dinos that can fit in between metriaphodon and indominus rex. That is ~500 ferocity between them. Also stock apato fossils/john hammonds (if you are not already) to get good dna and bucks trades. Finally to support the coin you will be spending to get apato fossils/john hammonds build a coin trap with a maxed paddock alangasaurus and labyrinthosaurus using park oasis and john hammonds. That is all the advice I can give

Working on all of that, but what would fit well between the 2? Just curious, it’s not unbalanced to the point of being unplayable, so I’m not stressed about the gap

IDK. but I get my answers from Dino Data Spreadsheet

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I would say great for your level, but you should balance it out. You should not see maxed commons and level 10 VIPs in the same range

You could fill it with these hybrids fa

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I only have a trex gen2 and this week I’ve Been on a GRIND because I got tropeogterus, tapejalosaurus and today I’m getting stegoceratops

Just a trex gen 2 and this week I got 3 hybrids

Shunosaurus, trex, unaysaurus, ichthyostega, and pteranodon

Wow this is a great lineup, can i see the rest of it???

Here they are must combine nundo. And working on pachy hybrid


I just unlocked theri and 4 hybrids because my friend convinced me! and I didnt unlock it but I got 2 aerotitans in hunter league banonogmius prize!!

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@mineluissss you will gain alot of copies over time just keep hatching everything the game gives you from packs…

No dna was spent on these at all

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O_O what the

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Yep, this is only a small portion of it, need to stop fusing everything or I’m not gonna be able to scroll through soon :sweat_smile:

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this is bullying XD


True.@Aether_12 is envying me

Showing level 40 Rares and Super Rares is bullying? :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, over time you get a lot of those through events and trades. I myself am a player who started in 2020 (I assume you are as well), most of my maxed locked creatures came from mainly Custom Trades and events.

have you seen the uncommon collection? I MISSED THE HATZEGOPTERYX!!! I got the laby, boni, today im getting utahraptor and I missed the hatze. I have no amphibians : ( My best is dipotato lvl 20 followed by ichthyostega lvl 20 and nundasuchus lvl 40

Goodman, make a lvl 30 postman since you dont have glass cannons