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Rate my New Team

Here is my team. Currently trying to get Toura, Skoola, and Tryo for raids. Any suggestions on dudes to change out or guys to get? Fluctuating between Low Ruins and High Marshes. Trying to push to Aviary by Sunday as part of a bet.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Cunning = 2
Resilient = 3
Fierce = 5

I would try to even-out the fierce/resilient balance, but overall, not bad for your level.

Also: stay tuned. My guess is release notes this Friday given that Mammoth is (allegedly) being replaced as a raid-creature.

Just realized I have 3 cunnings actually. Monolometrodon, Spinonyx, and Eremoceros which is technically a Cunning-Resilient. Thanks for the tip on balancing though.

Also, should I use my eucladoceros DNA to work towards unlocking Testa or towards Eremoceros. I don’t have anything else for Testa by the way.

Testa is… OK. Definitely not end-game at the moment, but if I’m being honest, I would focus on getting that Paramoloch up to a fusible level while also unlocking and leveling Tryostronix. These two are clutch to several Apex raid strategies, and Apex are currently the fast-track to the upper arenas.

I am actually thinking of focusing on Skoola so I can get Gorgo as fast as possible and also the upcoming boss, Haast Maximus. Since Haast Maximus is most likely gonna be a cunning creatire, I will assume that Skoola will be decent against him like he is good against Gorgo. Can it be used in any other raids?

So would you recommend upgrading Eremoceros in the meantime?

Sure, but I’d be leary about going past 20 with him yet. Eremoceros is one of the more common uniques. You won’t have to feel guilty about using that dna.

Skoola sounds like a good idea to lvl to around 20, but I guess the level will depend on what raid strats u use, it works in all the apex raids as far as I’ve seen, though I’ve never seen one in a mortem strat. And in the meantime, I guess its ok for you to lvl up eremoceros, maybe just to 20 as its bound to get a unique superhybrid eventually

Replace metrodon after the update.

Do you have any tips on guys for PvP guys?

Who should I replace him with?

Tbh I don’t know. Can I see other dinos outside your team?

Only decent dudes I have are lvl 15 Thyla and lvl 13 Sarco

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Maybe thyla? I personally use thyla myself and with metrodon’s nerf it won’t be used much by other players so that is 1 thyla counter gone. If the creature is not resistant/immune to bleed/rend they are taken out in 2. Boosts wise, health and speed are what people boost on him if they have them

Saving my boosts for uniques/apexes


If you are gonna use thyla I suggest to start levelling him up now.

To like what 20?

If you can, yeah. Mine is at 17 with 240/400 atm. At the end of the week with incubator rewards I plan to have it maybe 18. So level it to 17-21