Rate My Team (Stego evolve or fuse?)


Should I evolve Stegosaurus to survive against lv16+ Raptors or saving DNA for Stegoceratops?
My Triceratops still lv9 and she’s very rare, never found her again. At this moment I always lose in Lockdown battle arena if facing lv16+ Raptors.

Please advise if other dinos need to replace.


I’ve leveled my Steg to 15 and will probably stop there until he’s replaced by a hybrid. Either Stegodeus or Gigaspikasaur.

I’d probably swap out your lvl 11 Bary and Stigy, but considering the levels of the rest of your collection they’ll do until something better comes along.


yeah i’m thinking about leveling to 15 to make her Thagomizer greater.
At this moment Bary is win-or-lose situation depends on opponent speed and Styg still very useful if RNG stun works at all.