Rate my team!


What should I do differently? What would you improve/change? Which Dino would you replace? And with which one? Why?


I would trade the euphocephallus for a nodopatasaurus and the allosaurus for another raptor like Utah or pyro.


Ummm, why do you say that? Those two are actually my best killers. The Allo had a high critical percentage, and I usually get it when I need it, plus high HP. Same with the eupo, he might only have two moves but he’s got high HP so he lasts, and he gets the job done easily.


Pretty decent so far. Another good Raptor would work (Raptor Meta XD) … but it’s not bad and Commons are often underrated. They don’t have the moves, but high stats sometimes.


Raptor hunting right now! IRex is now a lv17


I agree with Disloy on both points, actually.

Allosaurus can be easily taken out by a quicker dino, especially a raptor with pounce. Their only real advantage is that they’re common so you can get lots of DNA.

Euphocephallus may have great armour, but that means nothing against armour piercing attacks. It’s very limited with only two moves, and a low attack rating. Again it’s only advantage is it’s comminality and easily acquired DNA. Any armoured hybrid would be better. I’m not even a fan of ankylosaurus, but I’d take it over eupho.


Allosaurus easily taken out by a Raptor? Nah, mah boy.

I’m using a Raptor Team (mostly) and the Allos I face are crazy tanks. Well, high LV Bots usually have Allosaurus …


My allos are never killed by raptors lol not when I’m doing 2.5k hits. That raptor is dead.

Eupo has great defense, it takes a lot of hits to hurt him. I always send him out first if he’s one of my four, and he always wins. 9/10


After playing until 4am I almost got my indom up to lvl20. Once I get her there I’ll work on getting vraptor to lvl20. Then indoraptor time!!! Really happy with my team :slight_smile:


Man, you leveled up a legendary hybrid 3 times in one day? You and I are playing two very different games.

[Notices your resources]



Yeah, I’m never wanting for coins LOL! :joy: It was easy since I was stacked on Trex dna, so all I had to do was go out and catch from the thousands of raptors lol I’d catch 3, then level up the indom. And I finally worked out how to get more dna when making hybrids! So I never get just 10s. I get 30s/50s and my highest was 80!


Highest I’ve gotten was a 90, but I’ve also had super frustrating runs of so many 10s in a row. What is your secret, oh master?


It could just be my wishful thinking, but I have noticed a pattern. Instead of just pressing the green button right away, wait several second until the Dino moves (lifts a foot, shakes it head, closes it’s mouth, etc) then press at the move. If it’s higher than your last press, then do it again in that exact same time. It’ll keep getting higher. Once it goes down to 10, then change it to a different movement. This has worked for me and I leveled the indom 3 times in just 4 hours. Without buying I should add. All from catching.