Rate my team?


My current team so far… I’m working on getting the spinoraptor, megalosuchus, and indominus rex at the moment. Any improvements or possible suggestions to add to my team? Thanks :grin:


Take out the Postimetrodon and put in the Einiasuchus. You can gather the dino’s Needed during the day. Einosaurus spawns dispawn at around 8pm. Nundusuchus spawns on both time periods. None the less Einiasuchus hits like a freight train still Using him at 3.6.


Also I lvled spinoraptor to 15 and stopped. My personal opinion I like Utah raptor better and wouldn’t replace your pyro or velo with spino. Unless you can manage to get spinosuchus.


Yeah that’s a good call, been wanting to remove the postimetrodon for some time now. My utah raptor is level 11 with 2,990 pts to use for the spinoraptor… but honestly finding the spinos are so rare in my area… it’s probably best to just level up the utah for now :slightly_smiling_face:


You can help find rares or epics you want by utilizing what commons that are in that area. For instance I tend to find spino’s in residential
Housing areas or big store parking lots during the day were Suchomimus spawn. Normally farm Utah and Velo at night in residential housing areas as well. Been finding lots of t-Rex on my night runs in big store/resteraunt parking lots, hubs, malls ext.


Yeah, the only spinos I’ve seen are near where there are loads of suchomimus.

Tbh I’m level 10 / arena 7 and your dinos are all higher levels than mine with the exception of t.rex and Pyroraptor… so you’re doing better than me :wink:


True, Spinosaurus is very rare in my area, you need to go to a more rural area for them.


They been spawning a lot in my housing area. Sometimes spino Gen 2 at night. Pretty sure Gen 2 can spawn both day and night though.


It says on the metahub list that they tend to spawn at schools, however I don’t tend to frequent schools so… I have no idea how true that is.


Yeah for sure the spino gen 2 spawns during the day. I can confirm that regular spinos spawn in the day as well. Since they are so rare (to me) I can remember a little story of how I was fortunate enough to lvl it to 10 with pts to spare for that spinoraptor :weary:

I was on an amtrak bus on the way to the train station, coming home from that post malone concert. While on the bus, the bus driver took a wrong turn and drove to the wrong bus station. While detouring the wrong train station, and abandon warehouses, I was fortunate enough to find two spinosaurs back to back. What a miracle :joy: