Rate my teamm



Einiasuchus and Pyro will get out classed.


How will they get out classed lol?


Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops and Velociraptor are my three favorite (non-legendary/unique) dinosaurs of the game. If you know how to use her, Einiasuchus will never get outclassed. She is just too versatile, has good speed, great damage, good health, even some decent armor, and a lot of versatility skill-wise, including stuns and cleanses. She is just the best <3


Agree, will only get beat if pinned against a higher level eniniasuchus or getting stunned to death


Pyro is likely to get outclassed with the addition of Blue and Delta, though. For raptors, speed is everything.


Pyro is just slow enough to be a problem. Eini is a jack of all trades but master of none.


Pyro is actually your best friend late game.


She is for now because Blue still doesn’t spawn in the wild and people haven’t still realized how amazing Delta is. Just wait a couple of weeks until arena 7 gets full of Deltas and Pyro will be way too slow to keep up


Time will tell. :man_shrugging:t3:


My level 15 deinocherus tends to one-shot pyroraptors in arena 7. She’s just faster than they are, and that rampage is a killer. :wink:


A mi me gusta, sigue aumentando

Que os parece el mio? Acepto Consejos ya me cuesta arena 7

Gracias y buen juego!


Creo que tienes un buen equipo en general. Quizá cambiaría el Baryonyx por el Ankylosaurus, Baryonyx es demasiado poco fiable y en la arena 7 necesitas opciones para contrarrestar al maldlto Indominus xD

Intenta también cazar por la noche para mejorar el nivel de tu velocirraptor, en la arena 7 es muy importante ser quien tiene el raptor de nivel más alto


Einiasuchus certainly isn’t outclassed at 3500 trophies in Arena 7, unless by a larger version.

Or by an unlucky encounter with Indominus or Indoraptor, but that could be said for 75% of most peoples’ rosters.


Of course it would, on a lucky draw/ pick order. Without any defense buff on the 2x hit though, what you’re describing is either you bringing it in after the pyro has devastated your first card or youre lucky enough to draw it first after someone else did the same with pyro. In the former they already have the advantage. The latter is just too small a chance to make it worth having in your deck.


It actually survives a lot of nasty dinos quite successfully, because it’s such a high level (given that I’m f2p and pretty casual about the game). She’s been a staple on my team from the beginning and always holds her own.


I’ve been soul searching on Einiasuchus and though I see some value I still think it’s a dead end dino that shouldn’t invest past 14.

Here is the crux of my distaste of it:
No attack moves are a serious gimp. Cleaning and Regen are absolutely ineffective against anything faster or with speed reduction.

In addition, it unlocks NOTHING legendary. Only and Epic Sarcorixis which has a handful of viable alternative that will serve you in a useful unlock later.

The ONLY appeal is that it is a super early rare you can feed with commons, but if you are excited about a rare in the end game I have a bridge to sell you in New York, you will love the view.


I have realized. Still working on leveling :wink:


I’m at 3500 trophies now, as a free to play player, and my Einiasuchus is my highest level, currently at level 19. I win more than I lose, when I lose it’s usually because I’m facing a team full of legendaries and I just can’t do anything against that, but I’m holding my ground. Einiasuchus was mighty before the update and she is still just as mighty after the update. She is a very versatile dinosaur that can face most things. The self-cleanse is very useful against opponents that decrease speed, you’d be surprise with how many times the self-cleanse has saved a match for me. She has rather high health, good armor, a rather good damage stat, an above-average speed (tanks are usually slower than 116 so her 117 speed is key), and her normal rotation makes 1.5x - 2x - 1.5x damage which is 5x in just three turns. Simply amazing. She can take care of tyrannosaurs, many tanks (though not all of them), most raptors after the update (before the update, she could only take on raptors if she was previously buffed but she was a situational raptor counter too) and many things in between. On top of that she is easy to farm so the only limit to her level is the coin. She is the best investment I’ve made in the game and if I get her in my team along with Stegodeus or Gorgosuchus, I know it’s an almost guaranteed win.


I ran a team almost identical to yours but after the update I started getting pummeled. I keep velociraptor but the Utah and pyro should be dropped and the T-Rex is sadly underwhelming. I’d add at least one steg variation and another immune dino, again if possible. First thing though would be to switch out at least one of your raptor variants for another tank.