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Rate the raptor team annoyance level!


Well like the title mentions … what the annoyance level of raptor teams!

So far I’ve come across 3 out of 5 people using Blue, Charlie, the basic raptor and random raptor clone/hybrid. Sure it’s annoying and it makes you call out for the pounce to have a 2 round activation … but having to make a new line up of high hp/high armour and low attack is so … boring :frowning:


That is to say…


I have to admit and say I love raptors a lot but I only keep one in my team selection as otherwise to me it would be annoying and not really very fun.


I had a feeling this would start happening. This raptor team nonsense kills the ability to make teams you want. Now you are forced to make raptor counter teams which as stated above is boring.
The Rex needs some kind of raptor immunity. It’s the only dino(besides I-Rex) to beat them in the films. It’s really tiresome to have your whole team one or two shot by these things.


It’s probably going to get worse before Ludia steps in and does something like limit how many raptor variants you can have on a team.

That would balance play a lot, and really tick off the feebs who have to rely on raptor pounce every turn to get an easy win. These people need to learn how to outmaneuver your opponents, not just overpower them.

Sure, raptors are great to have on a team, but running up against Blue and her entire pack in one game is just overkill, and ruins the enjoyment of the game for other players.


I’ve only keep a high lv V-raptor in my team, others (Blue as well) just stay in my pack.

Raptors squad might be a great starter deck, and efficiently raise your score.
(At least until 2500, I guess.)

But all these JW movie raptors only allowed 3 chance per creature, this means you can got very limited amount of their DNA. Despite Ludia release them to the wild field or allowed to gain from incubator, otherwise it will be hard to keep power up them.


True, but you’re not taking into account the players who keep spending ridiculous amounts of money to get these special raptors and level them up. As it stands now, most of my team is level 11-12 on average, with my lvl 7 argentinosaur as tank, because of the high hp. Blue (even at low levels) just mows down my team like nothing I’ve seen before. What makes it worse is when Blue comes out, uses basic strike, then is swapped with a high level v-raptor, which does pounce. That one gets swapped for the next raptor, which one hits with pounce, and on and on…

That’s not strategy, that’s just paying TONS of money to build a one hit kill squad. I get out there and actually collect DNA like most players, I don’t have the trust fund to tap for cash when I need to level my squad. Players who rely on raptor-raptor-raptor-raptor kill squads are going to make people dread going into the arenas. At least if Ludia did something to restrict raptor squads to the higher-tier arenas only (it would give the rest of us the chance to catch up on our defense strategy), it would be better overall.

I’m not downing all raptors, I’m saying that something has to be done, one way or the other.


I only use a lvl 13 v-raptor and a lvl 10 u-raptor. Those two are more than enough normally.


I’ve had my run ins with vraptor teams, but the only reason I got pounded was because they were way higher level then me. Other wise, I I dont get the issue with the Raptors. I mean, even before I got blue it seems this issue with the Raptors is only be made a big deal because teams arent being built right.


The way I’ve encountered it today, it’s usually like this:

I bring out my steg, opponent brings out Blue. Blue uses pounce, steg goes down in one. I switch to my lvl. 13 v-raptor, opponent switches to lvl. 17 u-raptor. Pounce. V-raptor down. Okay, maybe my Argentinosaur can tank enough to get a hit in. Nope. Opponent goes back to Blue. POUNCE. Argentinosaur goes down hard.

Pretty much the same for the next two fights, both opposing players used the same strategy.

Raptors aren’t bad, but when they get so prolific they actually kill the game’s balance, competitiveness drops - because until Ludia steps in and does something like limiting how many raptors you can have on a team, or limiting all-raptor death squads to higher-tier arenas only - the rest of us are going to get tired of this game really quickly.


Yeah I’m afraid the incoming raptor rampage might end up being the Deoxys deck of JWA if Ludia is too slow to take action. For the record, Deoxys deck was a very overpowered team archetype with super rare EX figures from the Pokemon Duel mobile game. 75% of players ended up dropping the game since the devs refused to nerf the strategy for months and everyone got bored.


If your Stego dies One-Hit to Blue, you obviously failed somewhere (underleveled) or you are in a too high Arena.

And … Lv. 17 U-Raptor will loose to Lv. 13 V-Raptor because base speed is never changing. Velociraptor is always faster than Utahraptor (as long as no effects were used).


My point is that I never had a chance to get a hit on any of them. My steg is lvl. 11. This was on arena 4.


How on earth did an utahraptor take down your velociraptor???


I have no idea how, it just did.


I give it a 10/10 on annoyance. This company needs to learn how to balance their game. This raptor meta isn’t even fun. It takes no skill. It’s based on who has better and stronger raptors and not based on who has a more well rounded team or who can play more skillfully (no, raptor swapping is not a skill). Fights are now braindead. The only way to beat this meta is building full teams of raptor counters if you don’t have 5 raptors level 15+. That’s not good game design or balance.


It’s not so much the game design as it is the addition of multiple v-raptors from the film into the game. Doing so has given non-creative people full reign to slam everyone in the arenas with raptor death squads.

For these people, it’s the only way they can win because they can’t actually be bothered to think and create a strategy once in a while… Pretty sad when you’re too lazy to even use your own brain for anything more than a paperweight.


Stegosaurids are great counters if your Stegosaurid is bulky enough