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For the texture fix, buff to Skullcrusher, and nerf to Murmurquill.

I know I’m being generous.


1* if even that.

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I’d rather the update isn’t exist. Definitely 1.

Thanks for a “hot fix” and their “take-it-or-leave-it” attitudes :rage:


Definitely 0

You said from 1 to 10, but I will give a special rating for the best worst update, and that is of course: 000000000

There, I’ve said it. When someone in our clan chat commented how servers would be going down briefly on Thursday for an update, my only comment, JOKINGLY made, was “I don’t care how they change the game, as long as they actually FIX bugs rather than CREATE them.”
Well, jokes on me. Or rather, all of us. That’s all updates are, anymore, just a mean joke. I don’t know if there is a testing department, or they’re so incredibly overworked that they don’t have time to see all these glaringly obvious bugs (like 50% or more of Astrid’s duties… how the HELL did that get past you guys??), but here’s my advice to you, as someone who loves playing your game, and would like to do so for a lot longer:
Don’t roll out new material, better features, more swag, changing quests, chests, duties, whatever.
There’s a bug? FIX IT.
There’s another? FIX IT.

I don’t care about how you believe you’re giving away too many runes, and people aren’t buying them anymore… stop letting players access to them with TapJoy, who cares anyways? Not Apple users, who can’t get crap unless they fork over a credit card to buy flowers or berries or whatever. Bottom line is: I’m not going to pay $15 for 3 sheep, they’re FOOD. I can get those several other ways. And if I can’t? So? 6 weeks ago, they didn’t exist, and I still played. And my dragons still ate.
That being said, I enjoy (and sometimes even purchase) the sales that are offered when I increase my player level. Those are actually WORTH it. 8 premium drafts, a bunch of runes, more fish than I can use for 3 days? And for $15??? HELL YEAH!
3 SHEEP? Get. Real.
I work for my money, I have an entertainment budget, and mommy and daddy haven’t EVER paid my credit card bills.
You want increased revenue? Try selling something worth buying. Which, before the update, included the Flight Club membership. You should have left that alone, rather than “adjust because eventually we’re releasing Arena”. So? So now I’m losing benefits I PAY for because you want me to participate in PvP? What if I don’t enjoy PvP? Why should my PAID SUBSCRIPTION be any different than what I originally agreed to purchase?

Okay… I’m done ranting.

I’ll just say it really hurts when a game so many people love so dearly gets CRUCIFIED because they can’t keep up with all their budgetary constraints and programming glitches.

I sincerely hope you can find a way to repair all the damage you’ve done with this update, BEFORE you wind up losing too many players. I know I have no intention of waiting around for Arena if Astrid refuses to allow me to complete a duty.


I’ll give a good 7

Any update that causes people to cancel subscription and quit in disgust is definetly a complete and utter fail. I give this update a 1 out of 10.


@Randy_Nichols, I agree with everything you’ve said here, except that I do want to step in to mention a few things.

These updates are, as you’ve said, ridiculous. They have clearly not gone through the QA department, and frankly I’m beginning to wonder if they were allowed to budget for one at all, or if they had to reallocate those resources and shrugged it off. Which would have been a very, very poor decision. As we can all see.

However, I get the feeling the team for this game is being held to a very tight schedule. This is in no way an excuse. Just my take on it. Because there is absolutely no way any rational mind would put out a game this broken and not stop to focus on scrubbing the code before rolling out new features. All it’s doing is straining an already unstable foundation and breaking it further.

The problem with this solely lies in the higher ups/ department heads/ corporate. They see revenue, they see player numbers, number of downloads, etc. They say ‘I want X out by the end of the month’ or ‘Every update has to include X’ or ‘X, X, and X, need to be done 6 months after release, or we’re canning/shelving the project/ceasing funding.’

If something isn’t done to standard, people get fired. If it isnt en masse, they fire one by one, and it’s not a guarantee that seat will be filled again. At the very least, not right away. And they don’t often care about leniency. It’s usually a stance of ‘Just get it done.’

These arn’t all things set in stone, of course, just what I’m aware of. Every situation is different. They could very well just have a bad director with poor planning skills.

Tapjoy is another matter. Tapjoy is a separate entity from Ludia. They have a contract that works by getting revenue (downloads) for games by incentive for people to download them through offers for other games (did that sentence even make sense?).

Essentially, Tapjoy pays money to Ludia. Players get free runes (in our case, different for other games) to download and play these games, so that these other game companies earn revenue through these downloads (and hope to hook players into spending money and playing more). These other game companies pay Tapjoy.

Tapjoy feels everyone wins in this scenario. Apple does not, because they feel the game companies that pay Tapjoy are essentially buying their way to the top of the ‘Most downloaded’ and ‘Most popular’ parts of their App store. Which, to be fair, they are.

In any case, that is the reason Apple threw the hammer on the game portion of Tapjoy. And as Tapjoy is part of Ludia’s revenue, there’s no chance they’re going to get rid of it. The team here wouldn’t have any say anyway. They probably make far more through that than they would getting rid of it.

All in all, I agree that they should actually make the membership worth it’s price. They should sell bundles, at a decent price (not 70 freaking USD). They should give incentive to care about this game again that doesn’t revolve around tedious grinding with little to no reward.


I was unaware that Ludia received any recompense from TapJoy for their services, but I still find it unbalancing that Android vs Apple users have a much greater advantage.
Thank you for correcting me on that point, and agree with you regarding corporate policies. I simply wish their management staff had to read and reply to these posts (or, more appropriately, rants) rather than underpaid and GROSSLY overworked support staff. Maybe then we could see movement in the right direction.

Oh I completely agree.

I actually wasn’t aware until recently that iOS users weren’t able to use Tapjoy the way Android users are. I don’t think it’s fair at all, and that there should, at the very least, be something else that allows them to accumulate runes if they should choose to do so. Like watching ads or something? It’s just a shame those are usually 5 runes a pop for 30 seconds :confused: terrible in comparison.

I fully agree about management staff as well. I think a lot of things could be solved that way, honestly. My roommate works building maintenance and when they do renovations on units her manager doesn’t often pay attention to their schedule no matter how many times she informs her 9_9. Lots of overlaps happen and it messes everyone up.

I agree that there has to be something going on in management circles, otherwise devs would be such ignorant persons and honestly, although I‘m feeling like the community is not heard in some cases, there were times when devs listened and addressed some of the bugs mentioned and replied on suggestions.

Anyway, I wonder if they really have a neat schedule or have to fulfill goals of participating players / money coming in or both or some other stuff that I haven‘t thought of?
Because if there‘s only an amount of money that has to be made, I‘d simply say: Ask community. Ask them which packs they bought and why and which they didn‘t bought and why. Maybe there‘s a way to make everyone happy by placing offers for things that everyone needs instead of things that no one is willing to pay for (this much).
I‘m pretty sure at this point many of the players around level 36 and up would happily buy any scale packages. (Although not at the moment, they‘d most likely boycott this packages because of the amount of scales out of Alpha chests etc that was reduced with this update.)

I agree asking the community would be a wise choice.

Usually they go by the books themselves to see what has sold well in the past and continue on those same routes, etc etc, but the thing is, the game isn’t really old enough, in my opinion, for that to be a very stable idea. They can probably have an inkling, but I think it would be better to have some sort of polling and/or questionnaire to pair with it.

Then again the community is severely burnt right now, I agree with you there. It might be better to appeal to them and let things cool before coming forward with questions on how to make more money from them.

And, as a side note, I do wonder if they think they should get the Arena out and then buckle down to focus on bugs.

That’s a terrible idea, guys. If you’re reading this. I know it would delay the Arena but I can promise you, everyone cares a hundred times more about a clean working game that’s balanced well than the Arena coming out a month later.

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1 :-1:t2: Very very bad update :-1:t2: