Rationale for additional difficulty in pvp event

When I really sit to think about this, I don’t even know why additional difficulty would be implemented when the general impression among players is pvp is rigged against them. This does NOT encourage sales as most people aren’t willing to go further than the free round, let alone spend money/gems to buy additional tries and/or chests for gear to overpower opponents. Not to mention many players aren’t even willing to do the free round as it is too time consuming for underwhelming rewards. And the whammy: the new gear might not even be worth using. While in the past I did farm the free stuff, I am now on the hard pass for most pvp events.

Personally this is one reason why it never made sense to me that gear at max levels are equal. While introducing new gear at legendary stats is kinda the answer to this, the abilities need to be better than currently released ones.


Hey Gurggled, thank you for the feedback! I’ll share it with our team.

Interesting point @Gurggled. I also avoid these events.

However, I would note PvP events are rigged against Event players, it is not just a general impression.

Ludia has acknowledged adjustments are being made to the trophy counts of Event players. Additionally, this adjustment only applies to players competing in the event. As such, Event players are matched based upon an intentionally obscured, artificially inflated and vitiated trophy count while Battle Mode players continue to be matched based upon their visible Battle Mode trophy count. Accordingly, Event players are at a distinct disadvantage when matched against Battle Mode Players, as they will most often be pitted against a far superior oponent.

The developer has flaccidly implied this adjustment was a necessary step in establishing equitable match-ups because matchmaking was being undermined by players choosing to tank (lose on purpose to fight weaker players). While this change along with a few others has limited the impact of tanking, it is evident that it has failed in generating equitable matches.

Instead, as noted above, the algorithm has been corrupted by the development team to guarantee a plethora of mismatches. The true benefit of this adjustment is most Event players will be required to expend excessive resources to complete the event. This ultimately results in greater revenues for the developer at the player’s cost.


Greater revenue means continued development of the game. These dev don’t work for free and no one should expect them to. Players should pay for the entertainment value of this game. To think otherwise is quite strange to me.

Developers might not work for free, but players like to feel like they’re getting enough return for their investment to make that investment worthwhile. With the PvP event rewards, it doesn’t really feel like that. Why should we spend however many hours and however many gems to get the offered prizes in a tournament where the odds are stacked against you?
It would be nice to say that the rewards are worth it, but they’re really not, unless you absolutely have to have that Silverhand weapon or whatever. For the rest of it, I can get a far better return on my investment if I just run Lightfinger Estates, and that costs gold, not gems.

Greater revenue only works as long as players are willing to pay for it.


I never said everything should be given to all players. What I’m saying is there’s very little incentive to pay to play the way these events are currently structured. Also, people have expressed they want something other than a pvp event. Yes people should pay for content, but it should be for something they enjoy or is actually fulfilling.

These Silverhand tournaments are incredibly disappointing - for the free run, regular chests and a bunch of rare gear is poor. This is supposed to be a special event, nothing about it feels special. I’m not sure I can be bothered to even do the free run, let alone spend on the gems section to get whatever Silverhand prize is available.

The problem with freemium model games is that you might convince a few to spend big to real world money to get gems but the rest would find it ridiculous/unaffordable to spend such high $ for virtual currency and goods.

Thing is though I’d be more than happy to spend the money on the monthly VIP subscription and I daresay more would if it didn’t offer such poor value and you requiring to spend additional funds to pay for enough gems to actually get through special tournaments.

The additional VIP rewards that pop up all the time are laughable. VIP members should get free access (no gems cost) to special tournaments as they’ve already paid once and the extra VIP rewards should include items as well and not just a handful of bonus coins and gems.

I’m struggling to reach level 10 with a number of my characters currently because the items common, rare etc… are too high in number to level up very often and I’m barely seeing any epics. I’m quite happy at the level I’m getting given legendaries as I think they should be very exclusive and hard to get hold of because it makes the game fun when you do get them.

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I pledge to become a vip if there is a new pve system put into effect. I love fighting the monsters and bosses and I Am ok with the occasional pvp. But events based on pvp blow. Elder scrolls: blades has a never ending dungeon where we get better rewards the deeper we go. This would work so well with WoW as an undermountain scenario. Make it so we can pay gems to keep going after death like the mini dungeons now and you can still get players to pay out the gems. Please give us an alternative to this test of might drek.