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Rats in the Sewers!

Any one else noticing the high number of Rats running around Aviary?
I know this little monster isn’t quite the threat it used to be but I’ve lost quite a few battles due to the it being swapped in when I’m Just about to win!


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They’re present in almost every Library battle for me. Some of them are quite plump rats:


That’ll hurt ya when it hits!!!

Yep I’ve noticed the resurgence of the vermin.


Library is full of them too nowadays a bunch of boosted level 30s.

Nitro Rat

He also had a 14/6/3 Rexy

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Yes, they seem to be making a comeback. Running into them a lot lately. As pointed out, some are very beefy. Got one recently with 5600 health or some nonsense.

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Another reason why I hate the Library.
Full of lvl 30 Dracorats - usually used to jump in when you’re one attack away from killing a lvl 30 Thor.

Strangely, I don’t think I’ve seen one rat in the Gyro.
Could it be that Rategy can only get you so far?


Well I honestly don’t blame them, with all the Maximas at 8-9k health and 2k base damage running around…


Against the big beefy creatures like gemini, maxima, and grypos, dracocera is decent, but you should really boost just hp. This helps against creatures like erlidom looking to pick it off

Or just use spinoconstrictor/daryx

Those are bleeders, which aren’t too great. Actually, dracocera helps with entelomoth as it’s the only creature (besides draco gen 2) that can deal damage to it when you swap out

For some sad reason it has definitely been getting increasingly popular again. Though it also isn’t nearly as bad as before, if it weren’t for boosts it would be balanced, stat-wise.


For me 9 in 10 matches had a dracorat the whole time, from the beginning of 2.0 boosts. It’s like they never budged at all.


Yes had one that tried to do the trifecta on my team. My Thor took care of that problem real quick. On a side note there are some people that are creative with Monostego. Swap in stun, dig in, and swap out.

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Doesn’t sound like Thor was quick enough if rat went for 3 lol. :joy:

At 133 speed it is quick enough. I just put him in last for a change. Worked in my favor because I rinsed his team with my Thor


Nice! As much as I hate Thor, I hate multi shot rats more :grin:


Same here it was a perfectly laid out plan. Lol