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Rats saved me money

I almost spent a little money today on Jurassic Rat Alive. Yesterday, I had a lot of fun in PvP. Won some lost some. The battles were enjoyable and tactical. I decided I was going to spend a little today But today a battled boosted rat after boosted rat. I then realized yesterday I lucked out somehow and did not fight any boosted rats. So, they jumped in today and ratted Ludia out of my money. Do rats save any of you money too?


Black Friday sale? The black rat is still here reminding be not to waste money. Free to play until the rats are gone to stay.


Fully agree, rats take away all the fun and will to spend.

Procerat is worse than Dracorat. Trust me lol. One slowly kills all your unique dinos you worked for. Slowly, that means you have to sit and watch it happen slowly with no choice. This trashy epic is very bad just wait and see. It also helps me not buy boosts. Why buy boosts if it doesn’t matter an epic will kill you anyway. If you want to win just use rats with a little boosts no need for buying. I am totally against it so I do the opposite. Don’t use boots don’t use stupid creatures.


I made a poem even…

“Death by Procerat”

I enter the arena, what do I see-
A boosted proceRAT looking at me-
I have no boosts I’ll probably die-
Even if I had all maxxed, a rat would just fly-
After my team is all damaged and sleign-
Out comes boosted Thor with critical fangs-
They could of won with next move-
But swap in a boosted rat is what I went through-


Similar experiences. I think it was Sunday that I had a very good day of battles, as in the old days. In more than 20 battles I think I found only one rat and one proce-rat-mimus. I didn’t level up too much which means I won the same battles I lost but it was a lot of fun. Yesterday was the opposite day, in each battle a rat. After five battles at noon I stopped battling until the night when I was forced to have an 8 hour incubator before going to sleep. Another hellish time battling rats although this time, having dropped in the morning, I could win a battle against some rat team. It’s been more than 10 months with rats destroying this game.


Oh wow, Rat might actually get demoted from head boost mascot after this turn of events, normally he excels at goading players into spending on boosts to “improve their team”…mind you once you DO buy boosts it makes no difference anyway since matchmaking is still wrecked and rat is still ratting.

The only difference is instead of seeing your dinosaur dead on the arena floor, you get to see your slightly higher boosted dinosaur laying dead on the floor!

Reminds me of when i leveled my Tenon from 24 to 25, the only difference it made was i got to see a dead level 25 instead of the old dead 24 :slight_smile:

No matter HOW much you may feel like spending after getting ratted over and over and wanting a way to “improve” dont fall for it, its simply the “guaranteed to make you spend” matchmaking algorithm :slight_smile:


I almost bought the holiday deal with incubator, then looked closer at contents and realized it only consists of the commonly available DNA that I have an overabundance of, none of what I need.

The rats are Ludia, so yeah…rat saved me money.

Thank you, Rat.

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Happy Black Friday Saving everyone!


The way they organized the boost sale would save me money had I wanted to buy any. Why that order? Is it even in an order? looks really fishy and dishonest IMHO.

The rat has saved me money since its predecessor DG2 emerged, and absolutely since its its revamp in 1.6 (January). Prior to DG2 becoming an issue, I’d put a cash into the game, did Tapjoy offers, used any gift cards on iTunes, etc. In fact, after the brilliant and bold rebalance in 1.3 (the move away from the raptor meta), and following the release of the great in-game resource tools (strike events, alliances, daily missions), I increased my spending because the game experience had improved so much. But once DG2 really became a thing, and then upon reading that Dracoceratops was being redesigned to be "a better Dracorex Gen2” in the 1.6 release notes, I cut-off spending cash aside from the iTunes balance I had. With the 1-2 punch of the first boost mess in 1.7 (April), and Dracoceratops really becoming a factor at that time, I was fully done, and cutting-off cash spending completely. No way was I putting money into a game that made such a big move to P2W with boosts, and especially not something with a creature like Dracoceratops. There was a bit of a lift for me with the first boost reset (wasn’t perfect, but it was a respectable, major move by Ludia). Now, my view on the game has moved from disgust, to outright contempt, and 90% of it is because of Dracoceratops. Vile, wretched cancer on the game, it is.


You know what’s funny? I didn’t ever really like dracoceratops when he first came out. They changed-not nerfed, changed-defense shattering swap in to rampage…

I still see him all the time. He’s usually used to kill a heavily damaged creature… and then I bring in my Sarcorixis. 90% of the time, that beast chomps dracoceratops once and kills it. Sarcorixis replaces my beloved Gigaspikasaur against it-and I don’t have any real fear of it anymore.

I am saving money in general by not putting money into this game ever.

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