Can I call it Caliphate? And is that normal? Normally I wouldn’t start this level, Because fighting Tricky after the combat redesign is a suicide, but… Here’s a closer look:

I did see the event promo about upcoming dragons… But I kind of expected it to be like Burples. With cash incentive, a broken quest chain and a much delayed “insertion” into the normal gameplay.


The 5* Razorwhip looks really cool too! Did you manage to see it? I’ve only seen its icon so far.

So it is normal… I thought I’d see a thread explaining it, but since there wasn’t one recently…

Nope, I’ve been semi-inactive since the update, it really killed the game for me. The clan is probably the only thing that keeps me around. But as far as this dragon goes - looks like a weaker version of Tricky. Like a Revenger. Somehow I survived the first wave…

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I never saw that in my daily scales as a dragon id be facing

wow! the’re out already???


And it’s 5-star RazorwhipThe_Searing_Seethsizzle_Card

You’re not alone


I’m a SUPER BIG Bonestormer fan!

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Linking icons that Lightfury datamined ages ago isn’t quite the same.

so the boneknapper can finally have a partner to make a hybrid?

I think only Lightfury could answer that at this point. Or a very diehard HTTYD lore fan.