Just sharing my assessment of the 4 new dragons:

  1. 2-star yellow - A good choice for a beginner. Single target burst and the only mass CA you can get below 4-stars - is a good combination for early game. Definitely beats other yellow dragons.

  2. 3-star green - dead dragon. Less than absolutely worthless. Even a 2star Nimble Nadder is a better pick, let alone any other 3-star green dragon. All because a personal damage bonus isn’t something you look forward to in a 3-star dragon. It really isn’t. Again, even as far as anti-Alpha low-level teams go - Nimble Nadder will deal more damage and at least sustain itself.

  3. 4-star blue - a good secondary dragon. While it’s weaker than Tricky for standard gameplay, and it’s not exactly Lightfury vs Alphas - the fact that it has both a solid single target burst and a unique anti-color teamwide damage buff - make him a great secondary dragon to Lightfury or Hidefryer.

  4. 5-star red - just pretend it doesn’t exist. You don’t take a 3-star dragon and give it yet another personal bonus and expect anyone to use this garbage.
    In a theoretical imaginary situation, where him, Blistering Belcher and Hookfang are used for maximum single target red damage against an Foreverwing and your remaining two dragons are not Toothless, Revenger, Corpsekeep, Bombwelter or anyone that shares the same buffs - yes, it could work. Otherwise it doesn’t work.


You’re not wrong. They’re all terrible.

Idk about anyone else but I think they are just fine?

A decent aggro green that isn’t a hybrid or trust Legendary? Awesome.

An All Allies counterattack, +red damage boost blue Epic? Your Red Death alphas won’t know what hit them.

And finally more sturdy aggro with a red Legendary that keeps feeding back into his own attack and spirit boost? I already wanna pair him with a hardy defensive green. (Axewing the 2nd doesn’t deserve the lip he gets) … not like he needs it at 607 Defense.

I think some people are expecting newly released dragons will be better than the OG roster? They won’t… unless veteran players who’ve invested time into their dragons since day one are OK with all their work going down the toilet because the shiny new dragons are more powerful from the get go.

No dragon, even a Legendary, is meant to be a stand alone magic man. It’s about assembling dragons that work together, and that means give and take amongst the stats and specials of each dragon. That’s why some low BP fights will absolute cream you, or why you can occasionally take on a battle 1k BP higher than your team.

I think a few high BP teams are gonna learn that the hard way when PvP comes along. (It will be worse if they’ve put all their time and effort into maxing out just 5 Legendaries that they’ve deemed “the best”.)


I assume your definition of “aggro” is “agressive” dragon, which is not quite what the RPG term stands for, but how is that 3star awesome? It deals less practical damage than a Flank-Tanker, and a FT can at least double up as a potent healer. Muck&Tumble have a DoT, but it’s a massive DoT and it comes with -accuracy, an incredibly valuable effect. This 3star green could “maybe” be above-average for beginners trying to fight Alphas, in which case, yes, it would be better than anything short of hybrids.
But why invest into him? Like I said, for Alphas you could as well take Nimble Nadder, level it over a day or two and it would be decent damage, fast charging and self healing. Now, if that green 3star had teamwide damage buff… that would be a completely different story. It would closer to the 2-star yellow, which has a unique mass CA buff. And while there’s always Torch with his unique mass damage buff, the 3-star Razorwhip could have been a better alternative against Alphas. But it IS NOT.

You are actually contradicting yourself. Here’s your quote:

And this is what these 3 and 5 star Razorwhips are - STANDALONE. They don’t do zip sheep for a team. Nada. That’s the problem.
When PvP comes - these dragons will get torn a few new ones. And their owners - even more. You want to know what will dominate PvP? The same thing that dominates standard battles - the most surviving\annoying dragons. Anything you are AFRAID to hit for the fear of charing it up.
What do these 2 dragons do if you charge them up? Oh, they burst your single unit and… that’s it. You can keep killing them. That’s not some kind of ability-locking, spirit-draiging, heal-blocking, effect-stealing, damage taken-increasing, mass-damaging dragon. It’s NOT EVEN a Son of Skullcrusher or some Hotburple that will poke you painfully, but will also get like 50% shield health back, so you can’t keep damaging him, because that’s what it is made for. If only our dragons were charged based on the damage taken… Which is actually something devs should take a look into…

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I don’t think your appreciating how a “single player” dragon can add to a team, whether attack heavy or defense heavy.

Sure a dragon that benefits the entire team is going to spread out its usefulness. I prefer Skillcrusher to Son of SC because it’s pretty much the same specials spread out over the entire team. And I don’t think that’s an accident. The hybrids always have better specials that seem to tie into their purebreed parents.

But that’s doesn’t mean SoSC isn’t a pain in battle. Right now your team is all equally vulnerable, but think about how the battle formation dragons are spread out and some block or protect others at first.

Putting together teams like that is going to be crucial in PvP. And the stand alone dragons are going to make or break some teams. Whether they are just tanky with a powerful single target burst like Son of Skullcrusher and Belcher, or dragons with high attack stats, self or team counter-attacks, or a self heal, like Sawmaw, they do not need team help and they rarely give back. And now we’ve got a high HP, high defense dragon that boosts its attack, and then boosts its spirit to continue keeping its attack boosted. That dragon has the stamina to snowball out of control, like a quicker, tanker Hookfang. Get to the final level of the event if you wanna see that in action… if it’s anything like the final hotburple, you will have a challenge.

So yeah, right now with Story battles, Quests and now Alpha battles, some dragons will shine more often than others. But don’t write a bunch of dragons off completely, the game is still young and more is on the horizon. You may find you need more dragons that you thought.


I agree… the new dragons are really good, better then we may think.

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