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Re-Balancing All Of JWA Part 1: Out With The Old, in With The New

The following effect has been removed from the game (mostly. It’s still on a few things, don’t worry):


The heck? Remove cleanse? Why? Ok, to begin with, you have tanks such as, cough cough, Mammolania, HIGH ARMORED, HIGH HEALTH AT THAT, cleansing BLEED, one of their most valuable counters. Indoraptor Gen 2 is also able to cleanse Deceleration. And we have WAY too many fierces with distraction cleanse these days, Therefore, I came up with the following solutions:

Fierce Cleansing

Fierces should clean the following only:

Swap Prevention, Deceleration, and Vulnerable, and has a chance to snap them out of a stun. It has no reason to cleanse distraction or bleed, but snapping them out of stun with a chance would help them not get annoyed by resilients with stunning.

Cunning Cleansing

Now cleanses DOT, Crit Reduction, Distract. This seems like the weakest cleansing of the bunch, especially with a lot of cunnings being immune to these things anyway, but you’ll see how it plays out in my later rebalancing.

Resilient Cleansing
Now cleanses distract, crit reduction, and speed decrease. Seems strong, but we’ll get to why this is balanced later on.

What about the mixed classes? In a nutshell, wildcard gets partial dot, partial vuln, and partial distract cleanse, cunning resilient gets distract, crit reduce cleanse, cunning fierce gets vuln and decel cleanse, fierce resilient gets vuln and decel cleanse. Got it? Got it.

What moves will receive the new changes (this is not all):

Cleansing Strike (depending on class)

Dig In (depending on class)

Some unaffected moves:

Some variations of mutual fury


You’ll see these changes effect some moves in the rebalancing, but what are your initial thoughts?

  • Tone it down.
  • A little overwhelming.
  • Perfect!
  • A little underwhelming.
  • Why?

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Having class-specific cleanses does make sense on paper. I’m just confused(?) about why Mutual Fury and Sidestep (fierce and cunning specific cleansing moves) are unaffected, but Dig In (a resilient specific cleansing move) is. Partial classes might make this too complicated though (even though you came up with one potential solution). And wild cards should probably be able to cleanse everything, but would that make them too strong? It also depends on Ludia classifying everything “correctly”, which they have not (see my “class system explained” post).

Sidestep would be weak if it was cunning specific cleansing, and mutual fury appears on the one cunning (indo g2), so I figured why not. I could put mutual fury in there to be fair, honestly. But I did say “some variations of it” so you know what’s coming

I think mutual fury is fine as if you use it and don’t manage to kill the opponent there is a high chance you get killed instead’

Yeah that’s why I said some variations.