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Re-Balancing All Of JWA Part 2: Time for action

Let’s see how specific class cleansing works:

First: I have scrapped the idea of class specific cleansing on any moves besides becoming basic strikes. So no resilient dig in, or fierce mutual fury.

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Anyway, we now introduce the following moves, fierce/resilient/cunning/cunning resilient/cunning fierce/fierce resilient/wild card cleansing strike/impact/rampage.

Fierce Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse Vuln, Speed Reduction, Swap Prevent

Resilient Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse Speed Reduce, Distract, Crit Reduce

Cunning Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse DOT, Distract, Swap Prevent

Cunning Resilient Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse Distract, Swap Prevent, Crit Reduce

Cunning Fierce Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse DOT, Speed Reduce, Vuln

Fierce Resilient Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse Speed Reduce, Vulnerable, Crit Reduce

Wild Card Cleansing:

Self: Cleanse DOT, Vuln, Distract


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Depending on results here I’ll continue with mechanics before reworking everything, or just skip to reworking everything.

Way too complicated in an already somewhat complicated class system.

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I know, but it’ll become more clear once I get further into this rebalancing thing.

I like the idea of class-specific cleansing moves in addition to general cleansing moves. But I don’t think that we need those for hybrid classes or wild cards. Wild Cards can just use the standard cleanse. And each hybrid class can get one of the single class specific moves, depending on what they want to do with each individual dino. For example, Indoraptor is cunning-fierce, but it’s cleanse could be just cunning cleanse, since you don’t want it cleansing speed decrease. But other cunning-fierce hybrids (like Magna or Spionyx because it’s cunning for some reason) might benefit more from a fierce cleanse (if they had cleansing moves).

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Could make a good point. But I’ll have to see how this even works out once I rebalance hybrids themselves.