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Re-Open App To Use Alliance Chat Everytime


Its always the same thing.

I open app, and alliance chat doesn’t work. ids write error or messages not loaded or outdated askings, message not posted, etc. So i close and reopen app (lets agree its not a fast process), so I can use it.

Later in same day, here we go again. Open app and alliance issues, lets close and reopen.

The rule now is: open app 2x everytime i want to use “my alliance” tab.


It is one of the many bugs that may or may not get fixed if they can be bothered doing something that affects non-profit making parts of the game.

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Yep. Same here. Sure hope they do something about this but ya know…it’s Ludia.


For me (Samsung J6 Android) its only after a battle - friendly or arena; always need to restart before messages will post in chat. Real pain with friendlies when you want a rematch or to discuss the battle.


Every time I log in I get about 30 dna requests pop up on my screen, though I haven’t been in an alliance in weeks. Bug life, yo.

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