Re thinking Tragodistis


Problem is wth all the new moves you don’t know what will happen!

Apparently the new cleanse move stops Damage over time! DOT has cost me many battles and actually caused a draw one time!


Cleansing moves have always stopped damage over time.


Thanks I never knew that! I suppose people that have DOT won’t use it against a dinosaur with cleanse! Probably explains why I never saw that!

Zovo can I pay you for battle lessons :joy::joy::joy:


If you want.

How you wanna do this? Paypal?


It is a new move though after the update called superiority strike for Trago


Yeah, lots of Dinos have it now.


What does DoT have to do with tragodistis?


When you use the superiority strike it cleanses and stops DoT


It is a new move since the update