Reached Maximum Coin Limit?


So I won a 12 hour incubator by battling. After waiting for the incubator to mature I was rewarded with a very nice amount of coins. But now I cannot collect any more for battling (and winning) or from drops.

I realize that you would like me to purchase stuff, but if I cannot gain coins I am NOT going to watch your advertisements. I imagine that you would like me to watch your yogurt commercials.

Latest update stalls and was NOT an improvement.

Still enjoy the game, but if future “Updates” make the game less satisfying, I may not be as big a fan.

Daily coin limit?

There always was a daily coin limit, it didn’t come with the last update.


When you level up the coin cap increases. It gets easier around level 8+.


Never reached my daily limit except the Arena one.


Ive never reached daily coin limit PERIOD lol


I actually did not know that. Thanks for that!


I didn’t know there was a daily coin limit when did this happen?


Hey Jessica_Hanson, learn more about the daily Coins limit on our FAQ here:

I hope this helps!