Reached Sorna Marshes, I'm fairly alarmed here

So I made it. It’s a personal best that frankly I wasn’t aiming for. :joy:

When I started battling more frequently in the arena I challenged myself to complete a long incubator cycle (in my case one 24hr incubator to another). As of posting this, I’m 2 away from completing that challenge and then I’ll be taking a break from the arena and concentrating on the elements of the game I enjoy. I’ll also work on improving my dinos and my skills but to be honest, I just wanted an excuse to use that title. :rofl:


I’m a relative newbie to the Sorna Marshes too. I get my butt handed to me regularly, but it’s fun! Start seeing lots of legendaries. I only have two so far.

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Dude, wish I had that much gold

Congrats, maybe I’ll see you in battles

Congrats! Nice achievement.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve completed my little challenge and earned my 24hr incubator. Not only that, but I’m now sitting on 3041 trophies. I’m rather pleased with that. :grin:

Welcome to the meat grinder where champions are forged, I look forwards to seeing you in ruins!