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Reactions to the Latest Update

  1. Matchmaking is still absolute crap.
  2. Spattering blood on the screen = useless and annoying distraction to gameplay.
  3. Dodges and screens make many creatures undefeatable – at least with current matchmaking (see #1 above).
  4. Blood spraying from creatures when attacked is unnecessary and definitely not realistic.
  5. Blood leaking from just-killed creature is implemented very unevenly; it may be very obvious or barely visible, may be fast or slow, may look gross or just like a bad attempt at shadow.
  6. Blood left on ground after creature death is implemented badly: sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not there; sometimes it fades away over time, sometimes it just disappears; sometimes incoming creatures step on it, sometimes their feet disappear into it, sometimes their feet seem to hover over it, and their feet always puff up dust from the liquid. Stupid.
  7. Added breathing sounds: meh. Totally unnecessary after a fight has ended.
  8. What is a “bracet”? Did you mean “bracket”?
  9. Text describing creature capabilities needs a lot of proofreading, getting progressively worse with the newer additions to the game: sometimes numbers are given following zeroes for no apparent reason; sometimes it’s “deal X damage” and sometimes it’s “attack X”; sometimes “Cooldown” and “Delay” are yellow, sometimes not; and general word use seems to be moving away from Standard English. (This problem first manifested 2-3 updates ago.)
  10. In two different PvP battles, my opponent did an attack that included automatic swap but never swapped out (1 was a Phoru, I forgot the other).
  11. In three different PvP battles, the speed indicator either vanished or became a nearly invisible dark greyish color (this is an old bug).
  12. Added gore in sanctuary feedings is unnecessary and means younger family members who enjoyed watching me now cannot. (An extension of nos. 2, 4, and 5 above.)
  13. Did I mention that matchmaking is still absolute crap? (Fought 12 battles: 1 draw, 2 narrow wins, many losses were due to repeated instances of my L20 creatures facing L23-L25 specialized hybrids.)

I was also going to include a complete lack of changes in range or drone flight time despite choosing the “Free VIP Status for a Week” option, but that fixed itself about an hour later so OK, that works properly.

BOTTOM LINE: I will probably keep playing, but the game is less fun to play, more disturbing to play, and still buggy; I haven’t played the update long enough to see if other bugs in PvP matches are still occurring. I’ll ignore the whole boost mess for now; that was a lose-lose situation no matter how it was looked at. However, the fact that time & effort have been put into unnecessary (and sometimes downright annoying) cosmetic changes while at least some long-standing bugs are untouched, and the descriptions of creature capabilities are getting sloppier, indicates that this game has sadly begun an unnecessary downhill slide. If the rating system allowed, I’d give it 2-1/2 stars for now, a number that Ludia’s history tells me will slowly be dropping over time.

If you hit your level number on the top-right of the screen, you can go to settings and turn all the gore stuff off

Trust me, younger family members love blood.

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THANK YOU! I got tied up in playing and forgot to check the settings. The rest of my comments stand, but that goof was definitely my fault.

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