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Read the room, Ludia

Read the room.

or are you just that oblivious?


They don’t care. They ruined the game with the final death slash of letting the cheats win. I just requested a refund for what I’ve bought recently. Then I’m done. Harry Potter is coming out soon so we’ll see how that goes.


That refunds(s) took about one minute to get. I explained what Ludia did or I should say didn’t do and Google refunded the money right away.


Yep they won’t be hard to get here. Better to get then sooner than later before the lineup starts. I know our 3 accounts will be up there. Just for starters they all have VIP and bought every level and arena offer up to level 16. Like I said I will probably get more than enough money back to buy new xbox for each of my 4 kids…

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We are reading.


Are u directing that at me?

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No ones getting bans, but they are working on some sort of fix according to their announcement.
Dunno what it is, but it may help to wait. (THEN go nuts if inappropriate)

What did you say to get the refund?

This is directed beyond the mods to the people that actually work on the game. Several mods have stated repeatedly that they have nothing to do with the game itself. I want the people who actually work on the games to understand what is happening. Since we never hear anything in real time, only days later, it is an exercise in frustration to just sit on our hands doing nothing but hoping the right action is taken - which is rarely the case as has been proven time and time again.


I know what you mean. I’m here to say that we always do read and give your feedback to the team.
We do it as fast as we can.


iTunes would only give me three refunds and then the rest “didn’t adhere to their standards” or whatever the heck it says

It’s ‘the team’ that I have no faith in… and wish to hear from on a regular basis.

We ALL do.


We’ll be working on letting the team know that as well.


Communication is something the game devs need to work on.

It’s not something that requires hours of coding, looking at speadsheets and having staff meetings. This is the easy part?

Mods cant convey silence to a forum.

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I just realized something…

I usually spend the time between when I get home from work until 8 pm eastern time (when the drops reset) battling while I catch up on stuff and eat some dinner. Then at 8 I hit the road and hunt and get my coins.


Not. One. Battle.

For me that’s pretty significant.

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I barely have the will to battle period anymore. After the whole fiasco with the tournament, I just lost the want to do anything with the game. I’ve barely been on it since Saturday.

All that time and money spent, wasted.

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I just told my alliance that there is no pressure to battle, I’m not losing my buns to amped up dinos and I refuse to put more money into mine just to win. My trophies plummeted since this started and lost one, almost two members today that threw in the towel.

If the boosts must remain what if they could only be used on level 30 dinos and at that rate make level 40 possible

My entire alliance cancelled VIP and many aren’t battling anymore. The only reason to battle was for incubators, but DNA and leveling doesnt matter anymore. Boosts are the only thing that matters in the arena. What a broken idea. Little to no point in hinting, collecting DNA, spending coins to level up. Alliance rewards dont matter now if you have boosts. This is crazy

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Take the daily battle incubator out of the daily missions and you will never see me in the arena lol. Honestly it’s the only reason i battle now. And even that takes forever with the overboosted teams. While i do appreciate the battle fixes and less timing out of battles.