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Read this about tuojianogosaurus

yesterday I was very bored and I had only 200 vip points. so I went into free trade, and clicked, loyalty points, for jurassic and what did I get? Garanteed tuojiango. So who ever has troubles getting tuojiangosaurus, well there you go.

Might only work for lower levels however 200 lp for tuoj is a steal!

Lp to creature trades can be a way to get locked copies but also vip creatures for cheaper than the 11k trades that come through.


whats a toujiango?

isnt that a common. So wouldnt that be a waste of a free trade?

but its locked so its hard to get


Somehow I have it unlocked :joy:

are you a post reshuffle player?

(aka you play before december 2019)

I was playing before then but took about a two year or 1 and a half year break

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same here man

ok then maybe you completed that battle stage

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maybe cuz I have it unlocked

Most likely I don’t remember much from back then :joy:

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also isnt it the worst dinosaur in the entire game?

the game changed so much I hesitated coming back to it

I’m just pretty bummed out about all the tournament dinos I missed out on. Back then I was at the top of the game, I got the indominus the month it was introduced.

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but you can make nundagosaurus


yeah thats a god hybrid

yeah Im super sad I missed the segnosaurus unlock since I cant get segnosuchus now

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a bit etter than diplotator