Read this if you’re new to the forums - All Abbreviations used

Credit to @Aether_12 and @Sionsith for saying a few of these
Dino Rankings: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, Tourney/Tourney creatures, VIP
RR = Rarity Rumble (event)
SV = Stakeholder’s Visit (event)
CYT = Claim Your Territory (event)
TYS = Test Your Strength (event)
10c/10 chars/10 followed by some phrase: something to fufill the 10 characters when a simple yes or no would have worked.
DB = Dino Bucks (resource)
Shybrid = Super Hybrid (Dino type)
Tourney Hybrids = Straightforward, tourney hybrids, example is Segnosuchus. (Dino type)
CT = Custom Trade (Action)
TH = Trade Harbor (Place)
Segno/Metri/Mosa/I-rex = Short forms for the name because it’d be annoying to type out, example is “Segno” which stands for “Segnosuchus” or “Segnosaurus”, depending on the context.
CD = Cooldown
3A 1D = A loop the AI can be put in, to counter it do 3 blocks and one charge, then when you get 8 attacks you can win. This strategy doesn’t work ALL OF THE TIME, so only use it as a last minute strategy.
H plus (A times 3.2) = The formula for finding ferocity, attack times 3.2 plus health.
FMF or MMF = A common strategy used in tournaments, use one bad creature for sacrificing that is used to maximize battles by using less cooldowns. Example: lvl 1 toujango, lvl 10 spinotasuchus, lvl 1 toujangosaurus. The goal is to sacrifice the F, which in this case is lvl 1 toujango, and then gain 8 points with M, in this case Spinotasuchus, and then win. (Tourney strat)
AF = Apatosurus Fossil (decoration)
PVP = Player VS Player (battle/event)
CoT = Clash Of Titans (event)
F4F = Fight for Funds (event)
AVF = Average Ferocity (dino strength)
LP = Loyalty Points (Resource)
G2F = Gen 2 Fury (event)
PvE = Player vs Environment, but it basically just means player against the AI.

Hope this helped! Tell me if I missed anything and I’ll edit the this post.

Not really one but:
Oil = Rajastega or Rajasaurus (mainly used by Jurassic_Fury)


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Don’t forget I-Rex :rofl: :pleading_face:


G2F (Gen 2 Fury)


And Indo
10 characters


This should be 3A 1B or 1D 1 Block or 1 Defense, the loop is that the AI will attack 3 and then block 1.


You need to add PvE in as well.


Well there are actually a lot like: Spinota, Indo, diplo, dilopho, carno, so i just listed a few of them


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