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Ready to crush buff and/or swap-in?


Dear all,

What do you think of adding a one turn 50% shield to the “Ready to crush” move? I.e. in all creatures with this move? (I don’t know about the hybrids with this move however, so if this would lead to overpowered hybrids plz mention)

And the second thing concerns Baryonyx specifically, which is an epic, but without a swap-in strike/impact (or a swap in one or two turn partial or full “ready to crush”?) I prefer Irritator gen 2 or Baryonyx gen 2 which both have a swap-in shattering strike. It might help to add a swap-in to Baryonyx to make it more epic? And then there is also the rare Irritator without a swap-in which could use one (as the common has a swap-in move, but the rare doesn’t). But maybe others think differently, reply if you have any ideas on this :smiley: