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Ready to Crush - Help


Can anyone recommend strategy for the Ready to Crush attack. For me it should be called “Ready to Die”. Just as adreneline pulse should be changed to “Delayed Death”

I have never successfully used these features. My opponent always kills me before I get a strike.

Thanks in advance.


Haha. Its an answer without a question when you first get it.

I love to use it vs counterattack dinos, and invincibilty dinos.

Also, depends on which dino we are talking about here. Pyrritator? Tryostronix? Baryonx?


If you are faster and will survive one hit, use Ready to Crush. If not, don’t use it. IF you know they are going to do something like Instant Invincibility anticipating your attack, use Ready To Crush instead. If you think they’re going to swap, use ready to crush.


Just got the Pyrritator. Had same results with Baryonx


sounds like a better defensive strategy than offensive. Thanks. I used it against a superiority strike. I didn’t anticipate the attack.


It’s great if you use it right. It’s terrible if you use it wrong. :slight_smile: Best one to use it with is Tryostronix because the Immunity means if you’re faster you can’t be slowed with SS.


I also see so many people fail using these.

People use ready to crush against either a faster dino or a dino that has slow down ability and quite often get killed, and as you say the delayed death one, why anyone uses adrenaline pulse against a faster dino only to then get killed on the second hit. I feel so bad for people when I see that, and I see it a lot.


It’s best for strike events with the Baryonyx or Pyrritator. I believe I’ve won every single strike event (including the level 30 indoraptor) with just those 2 dinosaurs - both are level 20. For regular battles I use it with Tryostronix since it has immunity from being slowed down.


Opponent Dino had about 500 health left, I brought in lvl 17 Tryostronix and used ferocious strike to finish it off. Opponent brought in IRex, and knowing it’d use cloak I used ready to crush, then rampage and was lucky the Irex didn’t dodge. Dealt 4600 damage. I’m in love.


I agree with the others. It has to be used correctly. My tryostronix is a staple on my team and I utilize his ready to crush anytime I’m up against a slower tank type Dino. I lthroughly enjoy being able to one shot a Stegoceratops or stegodeus or even indominous. Not to mention the immunity in itself is super valuable. Baryonxy got benched super quick because he lacked immunity and could be stunned/slowed down which negates the advantage of ready to crush.