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Ready to Crush

Anyone else think Ready to Crush should have Deal 1x damage added to it? Long Protection has Deal 1x damage but not Ready to Crush. Come on.


Ferocious strike?

(And just get rid of RTC)


Yup. That’s the buff Tryo desperately needs.


Ferocious Crush? Lol


sounds bada$$, I like it :sweat_smile:

Reason it doesn’t do any damage because the next hit (if it comes) will likely KILL or badly wound whatever your facing!

Personally I think its fine as is, its one of those moves that if used right (risky like cloak) can result in a crushing blow to the enemy Dino.
Ive been smashed by a ready to crush Dino many times!

I think the risk to reward ratio is fine! Like Indominus rex cloaking and going for the big hit!


not really because to give it an attack, then have a 2x shattering rampage with RTC next turn would be pretty OP. maybe give it evasive for one turn, since i’ve never seen a tryostronix last more than 2 hits, and seems silly to have RTC last for 3 turns.


It actually last only for two turns, the first turn is when you use RTC, although the text somehow says for next 3 turns.


Which makes no sense. It should last a full three turns.


yeah. i didnt even know it did that. like whats the point of raising your attack and crit rate on a turn where you make no attack :thinking:

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It does sound bada$$, yes. But Ferocious Crush also sounds like it’s a precursor to stalking behavior. Creepy.


Bahahaha :joy:

Emotions can be tricky sometimes :man_shrugging:t4:

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I think it’s fine that way it is cause that crit is deadly. Just want them to fix the move to last 3 turns. Raising damage and crit on a no damage move is silly.

What if it gains Priority? Just thinking out loud…

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What I’d love to see is Priority defense shattering rampage … my team could definitely use something like that :star_struck:

It should make you immune for 1 turn, that way you can’t get slowed etc

I have lost the evil strike today and lost 200 cash​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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My comment got removed and all I said was
Ready to crush should give you immunity for one turn

How dare you! :scream:

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What’s up?? Haha