Ready to join an Amazing alliance? Join Goose Gang 3

Are you looking to join a new and upcoming Alliance that is fun, friendly, and helpful? Great opportunity to join one of the soon-to-be-best alliances in the game. We are happy to welcome any active player that is willing to support their team and get 10 tournament takedowns.

Our Alliance was just founded recently but we have a strong backbone with two other alliances, Goose Gang and Goose Gang 2. Most of our players have been here since launch and love being part of the Goose Gang community. “Goose Gang is the best alliance for anyone who enjoys playing the game, it is not about the reward. It is about the community.”-Minmi. Many people enjoy being part of the community because we work together as a friendly and motivated team that increases our strength and the strength of the alliance.

Goose Gang 3 has access to both its own Discord server, as well as the main GG server with over 230 members that are willing to help you raid. With plenty of strategies from across the internet, we can ensure that you will always find a way to beat those dastardly raid bosses and reap the rewards.

We are looking for people that +2000 trophies and will complete their 10 takedowns. While we may be an English-speaking community but we welcome those with limited English skills who are willing to try and communicate enough to participate. We welcome you to join us and improve yourself and Goose Gang 3. If you are curious you can message me or DanielDude on Discord. Carnokiller1#1339, and Danieldude5 7147#0238 respectively.


Estoy interesado. Soy nivel 10 ya casi 11. Mi ingles es casi nulo y hablo español ¿Me puedo unir igualmente?. Otra cosa, juego de lunes a jueves por las raids de esos días y también los domingos. Estoy en Tierras Desérticas y por ultimo estoy tratando de crear mi primer hibrido legendario que es el Dracoceratops (El Tryostronix también pero lo estoy creando en segundo plano segundo plano).

I’m interested. I am level 10 and almost 11. My English is almost nil and I speak Spanish. Can I still join ?. Another thing, I play from Monday to Thursday for the raids on those days and also on Sundays. I am in Desert Lands and finally I am trying to create my first legendary hybrid which is the Dracoceratops (The Tryostronix too but I am creating it in the background).

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Translated From Spanish
“I’m interested. I am level 10 and almost 11. My English is almost nil and I speak Spanish. Can I still join?”

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

Dm Danieldude5 on Discord then you will be invited to both the discord server and JWA alliance

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