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Ready to level up Tenontorex and Utarinex any tips?


I feel like I have been in a fusion rut lately. Getting Tenontorex to 24 was an endless cycle of 10s. Anyone think they found a trick or something to help. I would be willing to wear a banana peel as a hat if I thought it would help.


On that same boat man, lately all my fusions for important dinos have been 10s :fearful: if the banana peel hat works let me know :thinking::joy:

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Sadly there is no tricks. Some people will tell you you tomake the Dino roar before pressing the button or rolling low interest Dino before hitting the one you want.

For me the only way that works reliably is just to stockpiling. If you manage to get enough dna to roll multiple times you will see that you’ll get good fuses too. Recently I leveled up my spinota from 16 to 27. I got series of 10s but there were 100s too and multiple in 60-90 range. With so many fuses it helps to see that a bad serie is always offset by a good one at some point.

I plan to make something about this level up since I have all the data about it, just to share and see there is hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

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KILL ME! 7 fuses on Tenontorex 10, 10 , 20 , 10 , 10, 10 and drum roll TEN. Unreal.


…8 fuses on Utarinex 10, 30 , 10 ,30, 10, 10, 10 and 20 an average of 15. Bet you if I banged out 8 fuses on Purrolyth I would get twice that. Ugh. I hate this game. I’m the only person sitting on over 1.5 million coins with nothing to evolve worth a damn.


Well Utarinex just copped a massive Nerf so maybe that helps :confused:

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The best tip is just leave this game while it’s not too late. You make a dino that’s strong and deserve your best place in your team but one night it becomes a pidgey that’s absolutely useless.

So close the app and delete it – that’s the best tip. And don’t forget to cancel your VIP account so they wouldn’t get any cent from you anymore