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Real or Bot

I know this is going to sound stupid, but how can you tell if you’re playing a real person or a bot?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that it’s base on the name of the opponent. For me, I just assume everyone who defeats me in battle as real players who are much better at this than I am :joy:

Bots typically have dinosaurs that are all around the same level and are typically very uncommon dinos in the battle arena e.g. over leveled gen 2 rares, epics, etc. Otherwise, you can only find out afterwards by checking your recent opponents.

The easiest/surest way to confirm a bot is to check your Opponent’s list after the fight.

Other way is to check on Metahub for the possible Bot names which are basically a combination of Prefix’ 'Suffix. Both of these occur in permutation/combination.

I have always found that a bot will ALWAYS wait 5 seconds before making a move/swap. So if you are waiting 5 seconds every turn for your opponent to move, it’s a bot. They are the same exact fighting mechanics at Strike Tower.


Thank you guys so much! I appreciate all your help and input.

Or wait the same amount of time before a move, everytime. Or using the same dino twice or three time after you have killed them. Or bring out the same dino with full health after you have injured them.
Same results in the end though… they’ll beat you 90% of the time.

is there any bot anymore?