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"Real" Priority moves - can we get some?

It’s kinda frustrating that the very description of these “priority” moves states that they are such, when a simple swap in move renders them obsolete.

Can we just get a few priority moves that are actually priority moves? It’s hardly an “Instant” Charge if a DC can skip ahead to use a rampage against it. Maybe we could have two tiers? Actual priority moves that really do take priority over everything, and others that take priority over all but swap-ins?

It just feels like such a waste, knowing that something can take out your dino because the priority sidestep just isn’t fast enough (even though the whole point of sidestep is to hopefully avoid an incoming attack).


Thanks for the suggestion, Delta!

I have thought the same thing for a while, that where does the logic come in that swap in would beat an instant seemed move as far as priority? If anything instant moves should be a firm counter to swap ins in that either they take place before the original target is able to swap or they take place immediately following the swap before the swap in attack is initiated. This would not make swap ins obsolete but would cut out alot of the nonsense draco game play and provide a fair counter to other swap in movies other than making your own swap in

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I’ve always said that priority moves should trigger before a swap in effect.


I’m all for it! This would be a nice nerf to the rat

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That would be perfect. It would buff a lot of creatures and nerf really only a few.

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Agreed. It’s been suggested for months

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I think that making priority moves take place before swap in action would be too much of a nerf to those swap in moves. I think it would be enough to make action perform with respect to speed (swap in on par with instant).
This way thor/allosino instant charge still could be countered by faster dino swap in stun (smilocep, any ceratops), and some fast dinos would be protected from DC swap in since it’s not that fast


Great plan, counterplay is much needed

Swap in moves should always come before a priority move. A priority move is a move in the current battle and a swap in move is a surprise move. The priority move is directed at one dino not the new one. I don’t like it and there are multiple times I wish my priority moves would have a chance to save me but to do that you may as well get rid of swap in moves altogether. So I deal with it and adapt.

I’m not opposed to that, either, personally.

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Only non damaging priority moves could get priority over swap in moves, but not all.

Anyway priority moves taking priority over swap in would cause huge confusion between players.

It would not make swap in moves obsolete first of all. Theres only a handful of instant moves so that’s pretty dramatic to say. There is no surprise with a swap in move as we all know we are going to face it the majority of the games we play. On top of that it’s simple, instant means instant, swap in is a secondary move, or am I reading wrong where it doesnt say instant swap in?

Perhaps this issue is caused by wrong choice of word? What if “instant” is replaced by another word? Say “Rush Charged” instead of Instant charge? I guess the “instant” is only valid in the battle with the same dino. If another dino attacks, its more like an ambush, which logically should have priority and takes ppl by surprise.

But the word instant cause ppl to think it should always be immediate.
So maybe swap in rampage becomes swap in ambush? Or something like that.

Ludia needs to rename many of their moves as it does not quite relate to the actual meaning of the word.

  1. Invincibility is really not invincible.
  2. Cloak does not really cloak you from your opponent
  3. Evade does not really make you evade your opponents attack
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Top tier priority moves already exist…
they are called swap-in moves.

I’m not either. Especially swap in moves with damage and stun. Pretty soon we will have a swap in stun, deal 1x damage and swap out, resulting in another swap in move

Yes, you are right