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Real problem with arena

The real problem with arena is not the buffed defense or matching system, but the bots. If the bits were removed, players would rise and fall to where they belong. Currently the bots serve as a way for those with runes to rise much higher than they should. When players in crystal tiers are finding BPA in the 5000s, but silver tier is 6.5k and above, there is a problem. Get rid of all bots, let us face each other only.


Uhh, I think the real problem is energy can be bought as much as rerolls, you can pay to keep your winning streak, and opponent matches are made based on Trophies instead of BP.

I agree that unlimited energy purchases are a problem as well.
But matching needs to be on trophies and not just bp. This allows better players to rise higher than their wallets. Matching on only bp would eliminate skill from the equation.
This system works in many other games. The bots and unlimited energy are causing the hiccups

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No… It’s too much of Trophies and I end up getting matched with the wrong players, plus the extra dragons we can use based on our Trophies… Make the battling system harder sooner.

Get rid of bots and you’ll.have more even matches as you’ll get rid of those who are artificially high and they will drop to where they belong meaning you’ll have more people in your range that you can beat.

The trophy system is the Elo system. It works very well when set up correctly.

I’m playing another similar style game using the same system with not bots and no unlimited energy and it works much better despite game only being out of beta a month. People fight others within their trophy range and win and lose some. Biggest difference is there are no seasons, Instead you get rewards that are based on your tier when you open them

The problem is not having to face stronger bps, it is having to face stronger bps more than 90% of the time unless you reroll constantly. That is why people in crystal can find 5k bPS to face while in silver w/o constant refills you’re facing in the high 6000s-8000. The bots are preventing the natural settling

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Hey Talisax, thank you for the feedback!

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