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Real scam


I m here behalf of a friends kid, and the first thing I notice that try to trick people with 4 remaining and the same amounts of DNA with rare incubators and the special offers. !

Pls check the photos and see the amounts they are exactly the same.

Screenshot_20190306-Screenshot_20190306-202401_JW%20Alive 202409_JW%20Alive|243x500


4 remaining means you get to buy it 4 times. And of course the amount of DNA is the same, but the pool is limited to this weaks Dinos. Still of course everybody agrees Incubators are not worth it.


DNA amounts are per incubator based on player level. The higher you go the more they cost and the more DNA you get. The event ones are as it is said above, they are limited to event dinos.


Of all the things in this game this is the least thing being worthy of being called a scam. You didnt need to waste time posting picks we know you get the same amount of dna in each one and that amount goes up along with the price every level.

The incubator with the picture on it is a themed incubator and thats why its special , themed incubators have a smaller pool of dinos that can be in them so you have a better chance at something useful.

Arguments can be made that there not worth the money. I do not buy them. But thats not a scam.


Yup no scam here, the amount of dna would of course be the same as the normal ones, just the dinos you get would be theme specific.

Nothing to see here people, move along.


There is nothing special about it at all. You get exactly the same as the rare incubators. You get what is written.


Wrong. In the themed incubaotr u would recieve tany lythroanx utahraptor and procerato. Thats why its themed and the other is open to all possible commons and rares


Well I got exactly same with the rare incubators.


U havent even bought a themed incu yet…


There is a limit of 4 and u still have 4 available


Not this time, but it happened before. So I won’t buy it again. As u smarties try to look smart but all you is excat amount of rare and common nothing less and nothing more.


Smarties? We have simply posted common knowledge and you have denied it with lies. Noting less and nothing more. You are wrong.

The time we wasted reading this thread is the only real scam in it.


Yes the exact amount is the same. The dinos u get out of them are differnt


Jhvs this to help people see what is it going. If you have a lot of money. Go waste your money. I don’t pay penny to this game. I can write to you a whole page of tricks.
Like try selling you extended range when you get it the dinos are always out of the circle.
Another one is the game is waste of time. Why you have the keep click evolve for each time and waste my time. Click once and create epic for all the DNA u have. And end it. Why keep click 1000 times


Wow, just wow :man_facepalming:


I think your issue with the game is not that there are supposed “scams”, its that you don’t like how it is not designed to be super easy for yourself.

Multiple people already explained to you how those incubators work and that they’re not the same but you keep insisting that they are the same.

Another issue you have is your inability to read.


Be careful because the themed incubators, according to Ludia support, do not promise the themed dinosaurs. They have a higher probability of giving the themed dinosaurs. I went round and round for over a week when I got Dilo G2 and Deino for a Halloween incubator. Support said that is how the incubator was supposed to work.


That wasnt a glitch so much as a clever play on words and terrible business practices. They sold Halloween incs and and had Halloween incs as strike towers for a solid week. Then towards the emd of the event they sold those Halloween incs that said rare and epic dna and enough coins to evolve them. Those specific halloween incs had random commons. At best it was a bait and switch…

Since that event I have not heard of them repeating that specific kind of deal. When they put the Halloween incubators back up for sale in December they were the ones with the guranteed commons. I think its funny support said that rather then tell the truth… these are different Halloween incs then what we have been selling all event.

Outside of that one event… themed incs have themed dinos… that doesnt mean you get whats on the picture and double checking before you buy is prudent.


It was the one I bought in December that I got the random commons. I was so mad.

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The only person wasting your own time is you, because no-one forces you to play this game. So do yourself a favour and stop wasting your own time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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