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Real weekly event 😍😍

It passed more of one year since it happened an event like this… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:.
Please, make one similar!




…11-17 March = it’s more of a year


They will never give us more than 1 unique attempt again. Frankly that’s a good thing. Arenas don’t need any more imbalance than they already have. That being said, even when you exclude the uniques, this is a pretty solid event. Especially the 15 great epics.


I would personally like this again. Now that Tuojiango is gone from L3, I am gonna need as much Tuo as freaking possible.


I knew St Pats was a HUGE mistake the moment they announced it.
I got a hold of and coordinated with the best darter in Savannah that monday and had a plan to milk that sucker. It’s not going to happen again. I’m still kind of amused it left the discussion room in Ludia HQ intact and managed to go live.
I was really thinking by that Wednesday someone high up would have said β€œWait… Here’s the problem with this.”

hell no! this was the start of the mess. Arena was crap after this and everything they did to fix it made it worse.


Make it a lesser unique event, designed to get the uniques no one uses so they can save dna for the more usable ones

Common: Hatzegopteryx (or however it’s spelled), Gallimimus, Parasoropholus, Stygimoloch Gen 2, Velociraptor

Rare: Tuojiangasaurus

Epic: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stygimoloch, Darwinopterus, Monolophosaurus

Unique: Stygidaryx, Pterovexus, Indoraptor, Tuoramoloch


No no no.

Absolutely not.

Didn’t you have enough Thor in the arena? It is ridiculous. Stop giving free dinos to player.

It is obvious the strategy of Ludia: β€œok let’s give them Thor almost free, then they will buy boost to keep up growing in the arena”


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I would be up for another one of these

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Well , I got tryko at level 9 lol.

Why not? The 1st time itself was a huge mistake from the moment they announced it, though, the 2nd time won’t matter that much.


They might as well have more weeks like this as they can’t possibly mess this game up any more. That week was nothing compared to the addition of boosts.


this is an awesome idea

Well do you nit think the same conversation happened before the launch of boosts W1ckety?
And that still went ahead, and continues to mess the arena up way more than the St Patrick’s day event.
I honestly don’t think they think about the ramifications of the implementation of some of the daft ideas at Ludia.

The problem with these events is everyone gets them so the dna is a zero net gain. Sure a ton of people got to create new uniques with this event but all it did was put those uniques into lower arenas. It didnt push those people up the ladder in fact it might pushing through the lower arenas harder.

Now we have a situation where their is currently less then 3k people above 5k… while I think Ludia has to get more of the population above 5k it needs to be done in a way that rewards those who play more like the current epic spawns increase. And more options to earn dna.

Giving out free uniques isnt the answer.


I got my erlidominus on that event and i dont want another event like that believe me that made the low arena very unbalanced

I liked it. Was a great way to help folks get hard to get dinos and help newer or slower players get some dinos.

I dont feel it unbalanced anything. The levels are still hard to get, and boosts as well.

I dunno. Just my opinion though.

I got my β€œbaby” (Trykosaurus) from this event. :grinning: She’s been awesome. I will always look at this event with fond memories.

I think even more than tries at uniques, there are a lot of badly needed epics. So maybe another hybrid legacy week? I really like those.

I didnt play in the period between December and April.
Now that I know this event took place, I understand some things better -.-