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Realistic dinosaurs

would you like them to add scientifically correct versions of some of the dinosaurs that appear in the game (Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Etc.) Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea? Why?

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Tho i would like it, they wouldn’t fit the theme of the Jurassic park/world franchise. They may just look out of place.


Maybe as Gen 2’s or even 3’s. As it stand though, they appear in game as they do in the Jurassic franchise which is what the game is based on.


I‘d really prefer if they‘d keep going the way they are (I mean the design not the problems lol) cuz the dinos of the JP and JW franchise are very unique and recognizable.

I don‘t care whether in reality Rexy was a feathered mega chicken or Velociraptor was a small and fragile creature. I remember and love the design of Velociraptor from the movies and I love it that Ludia designed the creatures according to the movies.

Also, in the movies the dinosaurs are modified so this also explains why they look different from what we know today.


I don’t really care about accuracy, since this is a game where a dino, a tiger, and a turtle can fuse together and make a functional organism, but I would like to see a feathered JP3 Velo as a VeloG2.


What do you consider “correct"? Are we talking size and shape, or adding feathers to them?

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or maybe both?

I like the way It is, they even got some feathered dinos. Some are even somewhat close to a realistic take, but i love the freedom they have with colors and overall shape, makes some dinos look more threatening. I guess the only thing that bothers me a bit are the theropod’s zombie hands :laughing: their wrists are all broken, they are true warriors being able to fight like that :rofl:

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All artist conceptions have freedom with colors since nobody was around to know what colors they actually were. :grin:

I would love realistic versions of certain dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus especially. Now look at Path of Titans’ Spinosaurus and tell me it isn’t hot :heart_eyes:


Different angle, because it’s a sexy beast


But feathers aren’t correct. There have been fossils discovered with scales that have quill-like projections that have similarities to feathers, but they aren’t feathers.

Actually, those “quills” ARE feathers.
They look more like fur and they are called proto-feathers, but they are indeed feathers.

Not to mention Dromaeosaurs (raptors) had traditional feathers as well.

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As Raven said, they are indeed a kind of feather. Besides, even even If skin impressions with scales have been found, It doesn’t exclude the possibility of having feathers as well(they could just not have been preserved), as feathers can be found alongside scales in certain modern birds.

I’ve yet to hear of real fossils with actual clear feathers. There have been knobs and quils that are supposed to be proof of/be feathers, but no real Dinosaur fossils I’ve seen or heard of have had actual feathers.

Then you haven’t heard of microraptor, epidexipteryx or yi-qi.

  • Epidexipteryx has barbs that “resemble" feathers, but they aren’t feathers. Feathers have tiny hooks and loops that hook into each other and are like velcro. The quils on the tail of this fossil doesn’t have those features.
  • Microraptor is a bird. It has the anatomy, the feet, and appearance of a bird. Now it does have slight structural differences to birds such as it’s wings are unusual, but it’s a still a bird.

Here’s a Wikipedia article that says repetitively that certain species have such and such that “appears to be”, or “suggest" feathers. But no solid evidence. I know it’s Wikipedia but it’s the easiest to get right now.

Microraptor it’s definitely not a bird. Maybe you confusing him with archeopteryx which still isn’t exactly a bird but more like borderline.


Your right, I’d never heard of Yi Qi. A really quick search and it doesn’t sound like it’s a Dinosaur, it doesn’t seem like anyone is sure what to call it. It looks to me like a Pterosaur.

Really? I never thought about that​:thinking:. To me it looked like a very weird feathered dino glider. :sweat_smile:

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