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Really bad communication

I am really frustrated with the lack of communication with Ludia. Come on guys, communiction would solve so much of your problems. Lack of communication makes people frustrated and start to doubt so much of what you do. How hard is it to let your players know what’s coming the next day?!?! I mean Pokemon is very clear about what’s coming up, and I appreciate that. Ludia is terrible with communication. No, I really dont like that monolophasaurus is the new daily mission. But the game isn’t all about me, so I move on no worries. What I really hate is that Ludia couldn’t tell us what’s coming so I could have done my missions earlier and got 100 snake dna.


It’s par for the course for Ludia. I mean the boost thread has over 2K views, all just to try to get Ludia to say something. They don’t really care about the forum users. The site is designed to help with tech support issues and let players vent their frustrations. So many examples to show that they don’t actually listen to anyone here. There was perhaps no better proof of it than when Gamepress tried to start a dialogue with Ludia management.

These stats speak for themselves.




They don’t care as long as those who throw $$$$ at them continue doing so.

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You new? Ludia never had good communication with us and that’s not going to change, unfortunately

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Not only they don’t listen to playerbase, they also don’t play their own game (at least it looks like that)