Really? cheaters still have acces to tournament


[screenshot removed]

I lost 5 matches in a row against the 3 people you can see that dont have a ranking in the tournament, which means cheaters still participate and influence the ranking much, this is really bad…

The top of the ladder will now be determined by how many cheaters you had to battle on the last day, which makes it yet another RNG factor.

What are you thinking ludia, you flagged them as cheater but let them continue doing so and wreck matches and trophies?
This has to stop!


Careful, the almighty Ludia might hide your post!


Ludia know what they are doing
Of course cheaters are still allowed to influence the tournament even if they say they arnt its really pathetic.

Ludia really need to start telling the truth!


I think, Ludia let the cheaters and spoofers with high lv dinos to act as substitute for their bot, to make normal player climb ranking harder and harder ^^


They can hide all cheaters from any social interaction (remove from leaderboard/recent-opponents, mask their names), make them serve as bots.:joy:


You should quickly blotch out those names. Forum rules no name and shame. It makes no difference to the community’s argument.

I saw similar patterns yesterday. But then those names magically had a rank. I’m worried a lot of unbannings happened.


Should Ludia be doing something ? They are so obvious on the All Time Top Players LeaderBoard with even 5 uniques in the team ! Isn’t it ridiculous to obtain 5 uniques in such a short time ? If cheating is tolerated, there is no point spending any money further as Ludia is not keeping their words to let the game be played fairly.


I have a solution that would make everyone happy: Let cheaters only fight bots! Just like pre-update, when you were guaranteed a bot after 2 consecutive losses, it could be arranged that they only battle Ludia bots. That way their OP uniques can meet their match and they won’t cost us trophies or affect our rank.

That should make the cheaters happy (they can battle, may not even realize it’s bots) and keep them out of our way. And that’s all we’re asking for!

P.S. I realize some cheaters are only happy if they can mess with legits… but Ludia needs to decide which group of players is more important to them.


I dont see how that was shaming or naming the players, I was shaming Ludia on this point for letting them enter the tournament…


Yup. They do. Look at top 20 players.
Managed to phone my CC company and open a dispute. Luckily they are on my side and are sending Ludia a demand letter for a refund. Also sending Google a notice of everything transpiring. Get your $ back while you still can folks


A demand letter? What? Getting money back from your CC company is as easy as putting on a hat. Sign into your CC account, open a dispute, for things like this the charges are reversed, always. Nobody is sending anyone a letter.


Screenshot removed? Those were pics of actual teams with uniques up to level 22+, had no data, and were way up in the trophy count after the update. The fact that ludia actually removed your screenshots is proof that they failed in their “cheater removal” and don’t consider anyone but those who pay more than $50 a week.


Disputes are for within a certain time frame, and within a certain criteria to receive your money back. This falls under misc. Category, Amex and I had a long discussion about this.


I have a query? How many of you look in the mirror and believe you are “perfect”? Without flaws? Without any room for improvement? If you do… your mirror is messed up!

Yes we all get frustrated when we “lose a battle” especially to a super massive team. Maybe there is something in the works to limit how high of a team you can see until you’re in the t250? Who knows. This game has some flaws yes. So does anything in the world. They are most likely working to resolve things by the second tournament. Maybe they can’t just up and flat out ban every spoofer based on even just one erronious ban, leading to a lawsuit. Maybe the technical side is too complicated to fully determine who has actually truly cheated. Who are we to say. But on thing is for certain, many of those who are deemed “cheats” by this audience, are in fact legit. Someone always has to be the best, and they are not always a hack. Just because they have a better team than yourself, does not mean they cheat. They are just better than you at darting, have more time to play, have more money to spend, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Yes it truly sucks that the ones who have been flagged still affect our scores in the end. It should not be that way obviously. But just as obviously, there has to be some legitimate reason why they just don’t remove them from the game entirely.

I have spent about $350 on the game so far. I have a level 24 Stegodeus and a team full of level 20 (or literally about to be) legendaries. I make it into t500 and then get smacked right back out. Can’t get back to arena 8 at all. Does that frustrate me? Yes. Why wouldn’t it. But I don’t rant about it. I keep pushing. Nothing in life is truly free and nothing is ever easy. Plug on or move along without the drama please!!!


I’m too tired of this topic to keep on going about it, so I’m gonna let other players explain to you how no one expectes “perfection” from Ludia, but just for them to stick to their own ToS.

Also, drama is fun!


This was never about people being better, having more money, time or anything.
This is about promises being made that should be kept, I.E. no flagged cheater should influence the tournament for player that did do everything by working hard or money, as you said.


I keep running to to cheater as well eather that or luda randomly normaly puts you agains people whos lowest dino is the same leavel as the highest. And i collect dna almost every day. This is almost becomeing a cheat to will or pay to win situatiin. This is why i left pokemon go.


I voted with my money and canceled VIP. No way I’m going to make top 500 ever, they will all get stronger and I’ll just keep spending for what? To get my butt kicked by dino’s I’m month’s away from getting even playing 2-3 hours a day. That’s just not fun. Hope they come up with some content not just the top 500 big spenders can enjoy. I’d spend money if it was fun to play, but getting beat up by indo Raptors isn’t, if that’s all the game is.


It is a shame that the cheaters get to cheat on, but I was also thinking of the idea that they may be replacing the OP bots.


Honestly it’s pretty sickening having to lose over and over to cheaters. Before I had to guess based on the level of all their uniques but now when I check to see that they arnt ranked and have no trophy count it’s highly discouraging. Personally I’d rather play Ludias bots then these cheaters.