Really disappointed

I really wish this game was balanced but it’s not balanced at all. I have been stuck in a level for a week now. My team is 500 points higher than the enemy but the zipplebacks just spam their overpowered ability that increases their attack and defense almost every single turn. I can’t do anything about it because whenever I get close to destroying their shield they just get another one. It would be ok if every single one of my attacks didn’t always have a miss. But I guess this is why a revive is 100 runes. If I ever want to do a premium summon again I’ll just have to buy tunes. This game was fun but the developers are ruining it with their money hungry schemes.


Same here. Some levels are beyond stupidity. The balance in this game is equal with 0. There are some levels impossible to win, for example in the green dragon brawl, 5 blue waveshakers. When their spirit is ready you are dead 100% without any change. If I am trying to play with the same dragon in all slots, I simply can’t, but these levels can…

The same applies with the 3 green screaming deaths from quests. As they have very fast spirit, you will die instantly and the tiles are so bad generated that you didn’t even get the chance to charge your very fast spirit dragons.

As I said, the balance in this game is beyond stupidity. I am feeling sorry for people who bought things inside the game. Not worth even a penny.

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You guys are learning the hard lesson that BP isn’t everything. Some dragons are just great pairs, and it shows in the way their specials combine, or how they compliment each other’s stats. Some dragons are straight up nightmares. Sawmaw hits your entire team and heals nearly 50% with a special that builds extra fast. That dragon isn’t broken either, she’s the stand alone menace she’s meant to be.

There’s always room for dev adjustments, but if you are stuck on a level, it isn’t a broken game, it’s a difficulty curve. Try new teams, level up more dragons, and keep trying. There will always be Exploration levels that can hold you up, and it’s not a matter of just boosting the BP of your main, or potential only, team.

And you can save your sympathy :slight_smile: Those of us who enjoy the game aren’t manipulated, we’re happily progressing without complaining about every hold up. I mean really, are you guys hoping to blow through the whole game in a few months? Where’s the fun in that?


The other thing about this game is the majority of people aren’t good at seeing 5 moves ahead using the tiles. They blindly make matches, taking the path of least resistance, vs making crappy matches for 3 turns that end up cascading for a 1.7x multiplier on turn 4.

I don’t mind spending time. It’s just I don’t want to spend two weeks on one level.

Eben before the update I had to wait for weeks to pass one level in exploration - not because my team was too weak, but because I chose the wrong (color) of dragons to level up and had a team that didn‘t fit the abilities of the enemies. I think that that is only happening more often with the increased spirit speed of enemies. For this levels, I had to raise a completely new team and I really enjoyed picking my new dragons by breeding or drafting them, and leveling them up until I had a good matching team for the next level. Since these levels I could combine new teams and even pass a stage more in the daily quest for scales.
I think the game is well balanced, at first it was new and a bit shocking that enemies charge so much faster, but I‘m happy about the loss of repetition (only matching some tiles and the BPs will make it) and the increase of tactical thinking. I‘m able to beat enemies teams that have around 300 more BP than my team - even waves with only Waveshakers as you mentioned. It‘s taff and sometimes takes a second try if I didn‘t see good matches (or saw them too late) or chose a dragon that didn‘t fit but I like the challenge.

Hello Vikings,

Mind if you tell me which level each of you are stuck at? Maybe we can provide some tips and tricks to help!

I’m stuck at Hooligan Timberland for 3 to 4 weeks now. Level 43/51. Is called Bellowing…
Can you tell me which dragons I need to beat them?