Really disappointing..punished me

The strike event is only for persons with high level dinos or some lucky persons.

First my match, all of the opponent bot’s dinos hit my dinos with Critical.
Even my stego, two shots killed.

200 cash retry.
My i-rex or monominus not cloaked -> opponent bots always cloaked or critical damage

How can I win?
Give up retry.

Really disappointing with this event.

Recently, I cancelled my VIP membership. So, Ludia, do you want to punish me?
For more DNA, I intended to re-join the VIP on Friday.
But, also give up…

Really Halloween scary!!!

In all fairness …
I’ve lost a couple epic towers early on. It’s not meant to be easy for everyone to win but rather to motivate you too keep building your team so when the next one comes, maybe the outcome will be different.

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RNG played very heavily in these epic events even with a good team. My suggestion is at most go for the 200 cash retry. If you still failed, don’t retry. You’d better save your cash to buy coins.

If it looks way above you it’s still worth the free go.

But because there are 3 dino’s you’d need to be more lucky than with 1 dino. If I felt I was probably going to lose I’d not pay.

This is literally the Halloween Strike… sure we still get to dart the goodies on the weekend… but to make the big strike for the Halloween event… ie the one on halloween. They should have made it more accessible to the larger portion of the player base…

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Goes to show how deeply flawed the game play designs for the fights are. RNG all dictated by the game.

These towers aren’t meant to motivate players, but to make sure they buy the second or third try. Ludia realized that they have potential to become a cash machine and they took advantage of it. With this tower difficulty increased. The tower he is referring to is advertised as “advanced” tower, implying “advanced” players can beat it. Truth is it is almost as hard as the “expert” tower and nearly impossible to beat for actual “advanced” players.

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Hersh is right. The villain in the first epic strike tower was merely blue(charlie in my case), still took me some sweat to pull it off. And later they got increasingly harder. First with a lvl30 indoraptor, then we faced 2 lvl30s. Ludia is rising the barrier to be more challenging, meanwhile so are we as in being able to take on the challenge. I understand if players joined halfway during this running race they sure will need to find a pace. The reason you feel like falling out is just you need to get on the right pace. I’m being honest with you f2p will have a struggle to that but it doesn’t mean impossible. Throwing in time will be a much bigger factor to the goal if you don’t opt to throw in money, but with all possibilities you can still make it. Keep your eyes open for suggestions and guidance in forum or metahub. Ignore the complaint if any, we only do that when we have tried everything possible but still can’t stop losing in monkey fights.