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Really enjoying unboosted arena

I didn’t think I would, especially with everything being changed, but on average each match feels way more fair

Your lucky - every team I have come across is already boosted. :disappointed_relieved:

I haven’t played much arena this season, so I was right at about 5500 where you get reset to and I’ve only seen a few boosts

Yesterday was 100% unboosted for me. Can’t even remember how many battles, I did so many.
Today… not a single team unboosted.
I was hoping for at least a few days. Still hoping when I drop, I’ll find a spot where others are unboosted.

Haven’t fought one unboosted team today, have fought a few super fast chickens and indo g2 not sure that will end up being the smartest use of boosts in the long run

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It’s hit or miss for me.
Once I get my DBI and max incs I’m going to start and walk away until I’m around 3000ish and try again. If I can find a sweet spot that I can win 50/50 vs boosted I can practice more.
I’ve got 2 weeks to get my team straight and I dont want to waste it beating my head against a brick wall. LOL

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My 2nd account is staying unboosted. I’m hanging in the 4600 trophy range, 4664 right now. I win, lose, win, lose but it is more fun now. These are the creatures used by the 6 teams I played today.

There is only about 10% creature usage. Every team had an Indoraptor. I looked at numbers from probably 6 months ago and this list of most used is pretty much the same except for the addition of Ardentis.

What’s in 2 weeks??

New season Aug 3rd

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Had my first unboosted match of the day with this person.
Thank you :pray:t2: