Really getting fed up with this now


For the last six battles now my opponents have had perfect counters and answers to my team. No matter what I lead with; perfect counter. No matter what four I have in the back; perfect counters on their side. The fact that these are all rolled randomly just infuriates me; it’s not enough that stun, dodge and crit are ever-present, the matches are basically decided beforehand by whether or not the rng will favour you or your opponent in team selection.

I honestly dont understand why we need this random team selection nonsense. Let me choose my team, then if I get wrecked or countered I know I need to make some changes. It’s beyond infuriating knowing I had something for that situation, but the rng decided not to let me have it and to give the win to the other guy.


So r u in charge of what comments can b made?


Nobody is king of anything… But these post about how the world is against you or the game is broken or blah blah blah… Are getting old. We all have to climb the same hill


Don’t read them, sometimes there helpful to. Me, I’m new, when I’m thinking things rnt right seeing other people say it and HELPFUL responses let me know I’m. Not the only one.


Well the issue here is the grass is always greener… It might seem that the answer is let me pick my team… this creates a new problem… their are already a ton of posts on how people are sick of fighting the same 8-12 dinos… now if you allow people to choose their team of 4. One team will have a higher win percent then other teams.

And then everyone will be playing the same team and then once everyone is playing the same team which means every game will come down to wins the speed rolls since were all playing the same dinos… and who the cloak and stun rolls favor for that match. So the only deciding factor of every match will be the rng the op is complaining about.


Let’s choose our 4 fighters but in exchange we can’t use the same creatures for x turns, that could make battles more interesting!


People pretty much have already picked the same team for the most part, tons of dinos but only about 6 can contend in the arena


Should expand to 12 or more. Tired of everyone using Indoraptor.

Or better yet, pick your own team. But you can use each Dino only twice a day.


You’re under the assumption there’s another “guy” when it’s really just a bot controlled directly on your phone by the app itself. Sooner you realize that the less infuriating it will be.


You can tell the difference when your playing against a real player and a bot… the ai picks its skills at random. Its not always a bot and the farther you climb the less likely you are to play a bot… strikes prove the ai in this game isnt capable of showing real skill choice like when it uses ready to crush… when it could have just killed you


If its helpful to you to read some other whiny losers post about how the luck gods have it out for them then maybe you should break out your carebear notebook and write out your feelings. You are NOT being singled out or dealing with some amazing thing no one else couldve overcome. We have all been on the bad side of luck for a spell but there are two types of people, those that persevere and those that make excuses so pick which one you wanna be


I keep a log of my battles (no comments please :smile:) and in one day went from 4,630 trophies all the way down to 4,466 and finally to my new record, 4,667… losing several in a row along the way, sometimes due to rng - their cloak held, mine failed - and sometimes due to my own mistakes. Felt like rage quitting once, but then had to laugh… it’s just a game, after all, and rng will surely turn again. And it did! Later I won several in a row and the opponents’ cloak etc failed more than mine did.

But rng, much as we curse it sometimes, is what makes the game fun and unpredictable. We’re all at its mercy. When I get my “B team” I try harder, because I have to… can’t count on my Indominus or Indorapter to bail me out. And their cloak/evasive stance fails 50% of the time, so it’s always a gamble.

If everyone got to always pick their best dinos, we would never have a chance to defeat much higher ranked players and move up. Sometimes my opponent has 400+ more trophies… and sometimes I win!

I do like the idea of giving us more dinos to put on our team (10 or 12 maybe), but let rng choose them… otherwise those who already have one or more uniques will always have an advantage.


Oh and creative,psst it’s a game. And I really hate carebears.


Haha… Youre telling me its a game… Yes its a game, a game in which sometimes you lose… I repeat, stop crying and get over it


U really r crazy. I lose all the time, no crying except maybe by u. And never said I had a problem just wanted to know if it was normal little bully boy. Now we’re done


Well if it’s TRUE that in battle its bots it explains how level 5,6,and7s beat my 13-16s cuz come on a level 6 velociraptor beats a level 13 T rex


Haha… Apparently calling someone by their carebear name gets you flagged. The bottom line here is everyone seems to think the game is out to get them and its not and reading about how it singles other people out might make you feel a little better but it doesnt help


If we had a chance to better control what DNA we’re getting. At least half of the dinos on my team are only there because i can’t level up others due to not getting enozgh DNA


I believe that is the issue for most casual players. I have not been able to create a new Dino for a while now, just level up the ones I can get DNA for. A migration of zones each season would be nice. I mean a complete migration as in a change of zones. L1 becomes L2, L2 becomes L3 and so on.

If a player cannot travel to different zones, they end up gathering a lot of the same DNA. It leads us to only playing with the same few Dino’s.