Really good deal in the store!

120 darts cost 100 cash, so you get 79 common DNA for just 120 cash!!

Need one more indoraptor fuse?
Just buy 16 of these and you might be lucky!!


The LUDIA brain-trust worked hard on this one. :roll_eyes:


I got a Halloween scent with it. I’m assuming it’s intended as Halloween scent is in the picture.

Won’t be buying more until at least I try and like the Halloween scents.

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I agree, this pricing is just insane. If you get a scent with it tho it’s at least a better deal than the pure scent sale.

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Aha that’s poor advertising to not list the scent in the guaranteed section :neutral_face:
Hopefully there is the scent because without it it would be on track for the worst offer :joy:

well, getting whats in the picture hasnt always been the case putting it mildly, Im going with minimum guaranteed :sweat_smile:


Just remember - because it’s pictured on the front, doesn’t mean it’s in there!!


You got me there… I saw the picture and assumed it has a Halloween scent capsule in it. Now I’m questioning myself.

I would’nt have thought of it being in there, but:

more often that not what’s pictured on the incubator is not in there :roll_eyes:


BAD WEAK MONEY…:roll_eyes:

whoever buys this please post

I got a Halloween scent as well.

I have posted. Got a Halloween scent 20m rare like the one for sale, darts and 75 vraptor dna.

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Just got a second one to see and also got a scent in it…which actually makes it a good deal for when your going to use a scent from home. You also can go over the dart cap with these.

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Now I’m at 2 of 2 on Halloween scents think I don’t get free ones from towers until they get used. We know we are getting H. Scent towers all week so no reason to buy many.

Most likely but ill be using them and most likely buying more before another tower comes up i think tommorow.

I need spinosaur dna and can always put gorgo and velo to use and i can do this without leaving my L1 which is pretty nice.

Except there’s only two towers that are dropping H. scents this week. Not all that many freebies.

Got one just for funzies, 79 vraptor DNA; wooo!! :roll_eyes:

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Your buying the scent for 200… your getting 120 darts and some dna for 20… 120 darts normally cost 100 cash… this is a good deal… this scent is far superior to the regular scents simply because the worse you get with these is allosaurus spawns and those are still better then lythronax,igy, trike gen 2, or diloph gen 2.

If you dont want the darts save yourself the hardcash but if your gonna fire off three of these scents in a row. Youll prolly appreciate the darts.