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Really, guys?

Are emotes really so important that they get a whole new tab in the dinodex? I mean, we’ve seen bad ideas before(cough, cough, stat boosts), but this is a new low, Ludia.


It’s not THAT bad, come on… Appreciate the little things for a change.


Yeah i hate the emoji update too. Now it takes 5 (!) full seconds for the dino tab to load, and it’s completely useless, because who even cares about collecting emojis?? I’m here to collect dinosaurs and battle them, not to chat!
I really wish they removed this new tab (or made it removable) because there is no point in having to pick which emojis you can use and it just makes everything slower :confused:

their ok, 5 sec isnt too bad. at least this distracts people from the yarwing emojes


they aren’t horrible. I would’ve like a different type of collectable, but it’s something to do. If you’re a completionist, you may be tempted to collect them all along with the dinos.

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Care less about the emojis and more about fixing the bugs in the game like…crashing during battles or freezing during battles or the fact that every time you go to switch out if you have Erlidominus up he always cloaks instead of swaps out…the game has gone downhill the past 4 updates. This game is becoming Clash Royale


there should be a button in settings tab that turns on/off emotes tab


Agreed, it takes so long to load that page now.

Emotes should NOT be seen as the same level of priority as dinos.


What I meant is that when i switch between the map tab and the dino tab, the whole game freezes for 5 seconds. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot to me, and it’s very frustrating

The only thing i don’t like about this emoji update is that they switched the positions of yawn and happy, now i can accidentally yawn


Oh is that the reason? It really is taking too long

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I don’t mind them. We always said we wanted more ways to express ourselves in game, like a “sorry” speech bubble, so depending on which emojis we get this could help a lot! I don’t know why they chose to make them their own tab, but we would need some way to organize and choose emotes, right?


im just sad that in both the dinosaur and emote tab, you cant see your undiscovered stuff anymore :sob:


While I don’t really have a problem with adding more emotes (since I can just turn them off), the thing that upsets me the most is that Ludia employees had to spend time making this feature. The hours spent developing this could’ve been spent fixing the bugs we’ve complained about for 2 years.


I mean, they clearly dont see it as the same priority cuz they literally made 8 new emojies and a tab which they have done a while. There have been 5 tabs before this emojies tab and a lot of games similar to battle based mobile games do this like clash royale. Sure it could have been done doing something else but we have to remember that maybe only one person worked on this and it took them a month cuz their is probably a new moves team, a catching dinos team, a new dinos, a new ideas, a bugs team and a pvp team already so its not like no one was working on bugs while this emojies thing was made.

I don’t know about this 5 second delay your talking about. I don’t have it, I can switch between all tabs with less then a second switching between tabs.

For the better part of two years these forums have complained that Ludia needs to sell cosmetics and not pay to win items.

They are finally experimenting with that and now people are complaining there working on something no one cares about. But emotes have proven to be a successful revenue stream for other games. And I encourage them to find a market.

If it’s a choice between new emotes and boosts 3.0 I’ll be buying a few emotes myself in the future.


personally not an emote fan. i’ll grab 1-5 that i feel would help express myself in the arena, but beyond that, they’d just be kinda there. but if selling cosmetics like this does take off, who knows what else will be added in the future.

We could hope for skins…
But more than anything a lobby chat please

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Their not my cup of tea either. But if their a way for Ludia to make money without having to rely on selling pure power I’d much rather them sell the emotes.

I also think it’s an experiment to see if they sell, which could bring other cosmetics in the future.

I’ve said it before revenue for this game has dropped by a decent chunk in the last few months. And Ludia has slowly been making little alterations to see if they can replace that revenue elsewhere. Giving us more boosts for free first it was extra strikes and later it was boosts in supply towers.

Their also experimenting with giving us less coins with the new coins chases.

Emotes are completely optional and can be turned off.

You can’t turn off Ludia deciding we need even less coins or turn off a new boost system that devalues our boosts by 1/4 again.

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nope nope ludia dont see this
i dont want to have to buy special cool emotes

if only