Really guys?

Really loving the game. But I just don’t know how they expect you to progress at all. My Characters are level 4 and 5 and I’m on the Grocknock boss level and the first room has 2 level 8 spectres and a level 8 skelly with a bow. If I make it past the first room it’s with 2 or 3 characters with half health. I’m all for a challenge and all but it’s just ridiculous. I guess they expect people to buy everything but even so it’s ridiculous. I can’t even get XP because I can’t get through a single room! If a spectre gets top initiative I will have a dead character before I even take a turn. I will eventually grind past but it just kind of sucks that there’s no other way.

Yeah, progression isn’t fast. You have to just keep collecting the free chests every 4 hours and do the sharpstone challenge every 5 hours to build up inventory and gold and little by little improve your team.

I been in the same situation myself. I usually loose 1 character in first room and the other three by the second. Facing level 8 characters who can attack twice as far away. And deal 500+ points of damage in a single blow. Might as well be using spit wads to fight them. I dont see anyone acknowledging this complaint on the developers side either which tells me they are trying to bait you to pay to win.

This isn’t even a problem. I’ve been playing for about four-five days, and I thought Grocknock was one of the easiest bosses. Yeah the dungeons before are challenging, but that’s the fun part. Grind until you get enough gold. Keep going in and losing a few times to stack up on xp and a bit of gold. The battle chest and free chest will help, and the free events. Take advantage of those. Also sell your extra unused items when they allow you too. :+1:t3:

May seem boring to grind now, but give the game some time. I’m sure they’ll add more ways to get more gold.

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Doing the Explore Campaign it gets easier when your heroes at level 9 the gear I have attached are Epic level 3 I got there by doing a lot of the Challenges when Challenges are available I recommend doing them as the Challenges can be rewarding.