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Really hoping for Jasmin

Please bring her back

What He Said

I think it might happen since they brought back Marco/Hugo today but then it could totally be some random woman

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I want her to come back, but she’s not at the top of my list. But she’s not at the bottom either.

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We all have different preferences I just like the mystery/horror plot which she had same with Felicia and Susan. Jasmin and Samantha are tops on my list along with Daniel and William for returning characters that havent been updated this year

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I liked the suspense aspect of her story too. It’s just been so long that I lost track of what happened, but I think her story was better than Samatha’s as I think she had the weakest story from the ones I played.

As for returning characters, I’d love to see Dahlia and Angel as they are so sweet, and Evelyn because they ended her on such a cliffhanger with that stalker storyline and Clementine cause she’s my number one favourite, and I really want to give her roommate a piece of my mind if he tries to hit on her.

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I liked Samantha’s gamer plot since I am a gamer myself but I do miss Eveline and Dahlia. Grace was okay imo but I’d be happy for Angel


Being a gamer myself as well, Samantha’s gamer plot interested me too. Not having the choices for my character to know about the game she played was a tad annoying, but what really irritated me was that they made her a cheater. Out of all the interesting things they could’ve done with her plot, and they make her a cheater — such wasted potential.

I just got my first notification for Franz/Ingrid but have yet to match with Ingrid since when they released her last week

I saw all these people having problems matching with Franz/Ingrid, but I had no such issue as I matched with Ingrid (after accidentally swiping right on them) a few days ago, and I’m not a VIP

It’s an issue for those like myself who have matched with everyone else